Make Money Coins Fast in The Walking Dead Our World

Money is an essential element in The Walking Dead (TWD) Our World. You can use them to upgrade your heroes and weapons. You start the game with a lot of coins and the cost of an upgrade is not too high, but soon you will reach your limits. That's why in TWD Our World you have some options to make money faster.

We have kept this guide short and listed all the tips you can use to get coins quickly.

Let's start with methods that you don’t have to do too much for. But they also bring you few coins compared to other options:

- The fastest option is the infestations. These are missions that have at least 3 phases. The strength ` rarely get the trading post points (of which you need 10 for construction).

- But not only trading posts make you money. If you build other buildings in distinctive locations, you can also get coins. If you have not built a building, but you are the one who brings most of the survivors, you also benefit from the step-up in the form of coins.

Finally, let's bring you closer to the heroes' talents. This will unlock you with level 5. A level later, you will be given the opportunity to get the epic card Maggie Rhee. If you use Maggie in combat and unlock the upgrade, the chance of getting double the number of coins increases to 5 percent. Statistically, you'll get twice the amount of tales on every 20th fight.

Make Money, Earn Coins Fast, TWD Our WorldOf course, you can still buy coins with real money, if the methods are not enough for you. You can buy coins with Gold, the premium currency of TWD Our World. So you have to buy gold before you get the silver coins from it. From these gold coins, you can also buy packs that also hold coins in addition to heroes and weapons cards.

Join groups for coins

Probably you have already noticed that groups or clans are a good thing? You get tons of coins when you join a group - but you should be aware that you should choose a group that also has many active members. Groups have access to special challenges.

If you kill them, each member will receive a reward in the form of coins.

But you too should help the clan's success - otherwise the leader can kick you out. If you don’t want to risk it, you should take a look at the challenges and help out. But joining the group has even more advantages: If a member gives a light signal, you can answer.

If you then help with the fight, you will receive coins again.