Rebuild Pribyslawitz Guide: KC Deliverance From the Ashes

In the latest update "From the Ashes" to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, your task is to make decision and rebuild the town, Pribyslawitz, taken by kuman and bandits, build the best buildings and make sure that you have enough groschen to cover your expenses.

In the game, your first task is to find Lokator Marius. However, in the camp outside the town you’ll encounter a bandit. You can either give him some money or threaten him with violence. You will find Marius in one of the tents. Take off his shackles and he starts his actual work. You can accompany Marius on the tour before returning so that you can get an idea of the basic structure of the town.

First, you have to set the reward for Marius. He demands a lot, and if you have the appropriate reading level (over 10), you should definitely suggest a lower wage. Then you should put a large part of your own money in the appropriate chest to cover the costs incurred. If there is not enough money, then your reputation suffers and the DLC ends early for you.

But with enough money to cover the cost, the DLC starts working for you. You have to start with a wooden house for 2,500 groschen , so you have enough wood for the construction. Then you should take care of the bridge and street (4,000 groschen) and then the shop (also 4,000 groschen). Because of this you can then increase resources.

With the appropriate resources you can then build buildings - either in the village center or in the outskirts. If you plan to build the bakery first, you only need to procure the resource grain. So you save a few pennies. With some buildings you exclude other buildings. Below we show you the pros and cons of the decisions. The following buildings are available:

- Town hall
- Repairs to the church
- Wrought
- Bakery (excludes butchery)
- Butcher (excludes bakery)
- Guardhouse (excludes stables)
- Stables (excludes guardhouse)
- Business
- Donate
- Fortified bridge and road
- Wooden house
- Beehives

Of course, not all buildings make a profit and so you have to think carefully about when you can apply which repair / renovation and which construction project should wait a bit longer.

In addition, you have three additional tasks to fulfill:

- Village income is over 1,200 groschen a day
- More than 40 residents live in Pribyslawitz
- All church repairs have been completed

But since you have no time limit, you can also go with the cheaper plan and slower add the improvements and new buildings. The main thing is that you make no losses that you can not pay out of pocket.

The best structure for every budget

Of course, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then you should set quickly on the buildings that will get you out of trouble and make some profit. With about 50,000 groschen you can build almost anything, without paying much attention to the issues. In general, the structure is to deal with a minimum cost, then you just have to let pass just more days until the money chest fills and you can apply the desired improvements.

You should have at least 15,000 groschen in your pocket, if you want to make a profit immediately. Otherwise, you cannot afford the bakery or butchery immediately - the first building that will make a profit. Expect earlier that you have to keep 10,500 groschen for business, woodcutter and road alone.

In the following two cost plans, we list you step by step, in which order you should place which buildings, so that you get the biggest profit possible with your initial spending as soon as possible:

With less than 17,000 groschen

Bakery - Cost 4200 - Income 250

Bakery Improvement Drying Shed - Cost 500 Income 85

Beehives - Cost 1500 - Income 60

After a few days: give - 8000 - 500

Total profit per day = 895

With around 30,000 groschen

Donate - 8000 - return 500

Gift-improvement brewery - 2000 - 300

Beehives - 1500 - 40

Wrought - 8000 - 500

Forge improvement of your choice - 2000 - 200

After a few days: bakery - 4200 - 250 (plus 80 of the hives)

Bakery Improvement Drying Shed 500 85

Stables - 2000 - 140 (plus 35 from the blacksmith and 120 from the shop)

Total profit per day = 2250

Of course, the total daily profit is still the cost that you can see in the book at the town hall. Either way, with this construction your earning build up slowly and you don’t have to watch how your income decreases slowly, for which you can dug-up treasures, robbed people and unlock chests.

Now you should wait until you have an approximate income of 2,100 groschen. You can let a few days pass until you have enough to build all the necessary improvements, improve the town hall, and restore the churc. While you wait, you can set about bringing specialists to Pribyslawitz, whom you should know from the main game and some side missions.

If you have finally built all the improvements and buildings, you head for the home for relax. In the town hall, Henry gets a room of his own and with the completion of the church her husband is very happy, which leads to the successful completion of the DLC.

Stables, Guardhouse, Bakery or Butcher: Which one to Construct?

You have to pay attention to two big decisions during construction, because of course there is not enough space for every shop in Pribyslawitz. On the one hand, you have to decide whether you prefer to make roasted or baked goods and on the other hand, the space is sufficient only for stables or a guardhouse.

Stables and guardhouse have a profit difference of 20 groschen: with horses you make improvements 365 groschen a day, in the guard room only 345. But if you are a skilled archer, you should opt for the guardroom. For 1,000 groschen, you can build an archery range here and get a unique bow of 82, which makes it the strongest bow in the game.

On the other hand, at the stables you get the chance to have three exclusive. Even with bakers and butchers you have to decide. If you don’t want any improvements and you can not do without meat, you should build the butchery, because this takes in the basic structure 290 groschen, while the bakery without improvements is only 250 groschen. If you have a tavern and beehives, you'll end up making more profit with the bakery (465 groschen a day in total). The butcher on the other hand takes only 460 groschen with tavern and smoker. A little difference, but he is there.