Build Trading Post, Earn Coins: The Walking Dead Our World

In The Walking Dead Our World (TWD Our World) you have the possibility to build trading posts. These buildings give you coins in exchange for survivors.

You hardly see any trading post on TWD Our World map. If you live in a village or less populated area, then you should have quite a problem. Accordingly, it is up to you to build your own trading post.

If you set up the trading post, you will receive coins at each level up of the building. But even the one who brings the most survivors here gets more of that currency.

At level 1, you will receive 10 coins for each survivor you drop at a trading post. With each level up, the number increases by one coin per person, which you send here. To build a trading post, you need 10 materials. As you may have noticed, they are quite rare.

To get trading post materials, you have to play infestations. These are the missions that have multiple levels. At each level you will receive coins and can thus farm this currency.

Only from level 10 infestations will you be lucky enough to get some materials for the trading post as a reward after the last level. So there are players who had the 10 materials for the coin building full after about 500 attacks with this level.

Build Trading Post, Earn Coins, The Walking Dead, Our World

In addition to infestations, there is only one more option to get more materials for the trading post. Click into the shop and buy the kit. You can get this pack for 450 gold.

10x armory materials,
10x shelter materials and
10x shelter materials

You also get 10x materials for the trading post. This means that you can build a trading post right after your purchase and diligently farm coins.