Conan Exiles Lemurian Locations, Find Giant King Lorestones

In Conan Exiles, you will come across both Lemurian and the Giant Kings' stones. However, only the Lemurian stones are more important for your task. In order to hear the Lemurians stories from the Witch Queen, you must locate all 13 stones and interact with them.

Since the land of Exiles is big, your chances of finding all these stones are very less. If you just want to quickly check which stones you have already found and which Lemurian stone you still lack, the following maps will help you to locate all these stones.

Bridge of the Betrayer (Ruins of Xullan):

Cross the Betrayer's Bridge to head for the ruins of Xullan. Even before you enter the ruins properly, you find the story stone with the reports of the triumvirate and the confrontation with the giant kings right next to a staircase. Watch out, because here are enemies of the silent legion . Nearby is also an obelisk .

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Bridge of the Betrayer

Black Keep:

Directly at the entrance of the Black Keep, there is a penultimate history stone. Shortly before the entrance of the dungeon you'll find not only warriors of the silent legion , but also a Lemurian stone on the right of the entrance, which tells of the horrors of war.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Black Keep

Black Keep (West):

Without sufficient stamina, you should not go in search of this stone, because it is located in lofty heights. Climb here to the highest point of the mountain west of the Black keep, then you will be rewarded with the story of the discovery of the serpent people of Valusia.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Black Keep West

The Passage:

On the left before the passage, which leads you into the jungle, stands the next stone in the snowy north. If you interact with it, you can find out how the relationship with the Greater Kings changed and the Witch King found a dark secret in search of other lands.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, The Passage

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Ruins of Xullan:

Just between the ruins of Xullan and the Icespire Chasm located the next stone, half sunken in a rock wall at the marked place. Here you can listen to what problems the relationship between Lemurians and Giant Kings originally bore.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Ruins of Xullan

Icespire Chasm:

Walk to the snowy region to the north, because east of the ruins of Xullan is the Icespire Chasm, where you learn more about the reverence for the giant kings and the origin of the bracelets. Climb for it on the marked rock.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Icespire Chasm


Stay near and head to the east side of the aqueduct, because at the bottom of the two structures you will find a stone. If you stand at the marked tower, go to the lower right corner and look here behind the trees. The Witch-Queen tells you something about the arrival in the land of the exiles.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Aqueduct

Meltwater Crag:

This stone is pretty well hidden. At the marked location you will find two small shelters and a campfire. Search the crag behind to learn more about the Khari.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Meltwater Crag

Lian's Wacht:

West of the transition from the aqueduct to the large lake is Lian's Wacht. Here, too, is a stone hidden, which you will find when the crag climbs southeast. The stone is back in the rock and tells of the hard trials that the Lemurians have to go through.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Lians Wacht

New Asagarth:

Not far from New Asagarth you will find the next stone near the lake. Now it is dark, because the first enslavement of the Lemurians is reported.

 Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, New Asagarth

Circle of Swords:

With the circle of swords in the back, this stone is hard to miss. Here you will learn more about the Lemurian people before they became slaves.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Circle of Swords

Teliths Island (Sanctuary Ruins):

In the southeast of the island, you will find not only the sanctuary ruins, but also a statue and the Lemurian stone telling you the origin and intention of the Witch queen.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Teliths Island


Back in the highlands, more precisely in the north of New Asagarth, the final chapter of the witch queen's tales can be found. If you also discovered and read this stone, your diary should be updated. But it can also come to a bug, which will hopefully be fixed soon.

Conan Exiles, Lemurian Locations, Nordhof


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