Craft Recipes and Blueprints: We Happy Few Guide

In We Happy Few, crafting is an important part of the game and the more recipes or blueprints you find, make things a little easier for you.

If you are in a hurry to complete the main missions, you may miss some of the blueprints. This means that if you want to be able to craft as many recipes as you can, you should complete side missions and search the dweller homes - mystery homes at night.

Crafting Tips and Guide

Some crafting are already in your selection and others are introduced with small side missions. As soon as you have looked around in a hiding place, you will notice that there is a workbench and a chemical station. These are two tables you need to make certain items - assuming you have the blueprints. You can find some of the blueprints directly in a hiding place.

There are three types of crafting:

Standard: There are blueprints that you can apply at any time and don’t need any of these tables. That means you simply craft the items in your menu. These include items such as bandages, healing objects etc… that you will need on a daily basis to survive.

Workbench: At the workbench you can make better weapons, tools and traps. Items that you want to have, but only with the help of the workbench.

Chemical Station: Anyone who has always wanted to be an alchemist will enjoy the chemical station. Here you can craft healing items, but also poisons etc. The access to the individual tables you get quite quickly in the game. It is much more difficult to find the recipes / blueprints. So keep your eyes open and search the entire world.

List of Crafting Recipes

There are many recipes you can find in the game, the locations are random. The following Crafting Recipes list give you an overview of what you’ll find if you keep your eyes wide open.

- Dirty bandage - This stops bleeding. May cause infection - for this you need 1x Cloth scraps

- Proper suit - Wear this to adapt to the Village or Parade District - 1x cloth, 1x sewing kit and 1x torn suit

- Crowbar - Break windows or cash boxes. Can break boards from walls or doors. - For this you need 3x metal parts

- Torn suit - Wear this to adapt to the Garden District - 1x stone, 1x proper suit

- Food poisoning cure - This cures food poisoning by triggering vomiting. Increases thirst and hunger a bit - 1x Night Blooming Nonsuch, 1x charcoal, 1x empty pill bottle.

- Healing balm - Restores a small amount of health - 2x Gilead Petal

- Pointy Stick - Inflicts slight damage. Not very durable. May cause slight bleeding - 1x branch, 1x stone

- Double Knocker - Does little damage - 2x stone, 2x adhesive / duct tape, 1x branch

- Decent shoes - With good shoes you can run a little longer - 3x shredded raincoat, 2x scraps of fabric, 1x sewing kit

- Dart - Adds little damage in its present state. Can be used to make various drug darts. - 1x duct tape, 1x large splinter, 2x feather

- Antiseptic - Defeat infections! Especially useful on a bandage (manufacturing ingredient) - 2x rotten potato, 1x alcohol, 1x pure water

- Pump repair kit - Repair leaks, holes and mechanical problems in various circumstances - 2x metal parts, 1x duct tape