Fix Crash After Defeating Xeno'Jiiva: MH World

With Monster Hunter World now out on PC, some users complaining that their saved game data disappears after they have defeated the Elder Dragon Xeno'Jiiva. Once the sequences expire, the game keeps crashing whenever they load the character.

According to a reddit post, you run the risk of losing your complete saved data after you defeat this monster.

Xeno'Jiiva is one of the Elder Dragons and the final boss of the main campaign. It is not one of the toughest monsters to tackle and it takes a little time to defeat him.

The author of the reddit post suspects that about 75% of all battles against this monster remain without consequences. Some unlucky PC users in turn have to count on this bug.

There are already some ways to prevent this error. First of all, it's recommended to back-up your saved game data before you go into the battle against Xeno. There is a step-by-step guide:

- Open C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ userdata [YOUR STEAM ID] \, it's probably the first folder.

- Look for the folder "582010" and open it

- Open the folder "remote"

- Now copy your save "SAVEDATA1000" and save it elsewhere

Monster Hunter World, Fix Crash, Xeno'Jiiva

How long Capcom will need to fix this bug is unknown. Therefore, we recommend this measure to protect your game progress.