Fix Monster Hunter World Won't Load, Error Codes Problems

The PC gamers are currently having serious issues of playing the Monster Hunter World (MHW). While some players have been experiencing game loading problems, others complaining that they cannot play the game in online mode. Playing in offline mode is less difficult.

Please note that you have to be online when you first sign up. Later, you can still play the game offline - but only after you have made it over the title screen.

Fix PC Issues

Of course there are also some problems when starting and loading the game on PCs. So the developers have found that their game doesn’t support certain GPU and CPU models.

Below we have listed all known errors and possible fixes:

- Networking error. Lost network connection (1201):
This error will be displayed when you log out of Steam while playing. Log in again and restart MH World.

- Problems when first starting:
Restart Steam, delete the storage file from your Steam ID (Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ userdata \ [steam id] \ 582010) and then restart the game.

Monster Hunter World, Won't Load, Error Codes Problems

ERR01: Failed to create direct input device or ERR03: Failed to initialize DirectX11:
This is an error related to DirectX11, missing or corrupted .dll files, or your operating system is not supported. From Windows 7, the game is compatible. You must download and install the latest Windows updates for DirectX related problems.

-ERR04: Failed to get display info:
The resolution or color modes of the game are not compatible with your monitor. Make sure that your video card meets the system requirements. If so, make sure the drivers are up to date. If you're using in-home streaming, make sure the game starts on the PC where Monster Hunter World is installed.

- ERR08: Memory overrun:
To be able to display MHW correctly, your graphics card needs 2 GB video memory. Make sure your graphics card meets system requirements. Otherwise it will reduce the resolution or graphics settings in the game.

- ERR10: Unsupported DXGI request:
Your graphics card doesn’t support some features of the game. So make sure your graphics card meets the system requirements and check if its driver is up to date.