Get the perfect Gear for Uldir Raid: World of Warcraft

There are several bosses that you’ll encounter in World of Warcraft Uldir raid. To successfully defeat them, you should equip yourself properly. You can get new equipment after you reach level 120 and you have several options for this.

In Battle for Azeroth you can currently go up to 10 dungeons where you can get new gear. In preparation for the Uldir raid, you’ll find the best armor and weapons.

- In normal dungeons mode, prey starts at item level 310+
- In heroic dungeons mode, prey starts at item level 325+
- In mythic dungeons mode, prey starts at item level 340+

The dungeons become a lot easier when you team up with 4 friends and tackle the dungeons together. This also allows you to avoid the item level requirement for heroic dungeons (305+) by going directly into the instance rather than looking for a random instance.

You can also visit the mythic dungeons directly. Already from an object level of 300 you can master the mythic instances well with a well-rehearsed group. If you already have better equipped friends, they are even feasible from 290 or less.

If you want to get gear successfully, you should plan your groups accordingly. Pack as many classes as possible to share an armor or weapon class.

You can build groups entirely of leather or plate carriers, or take up to 4 fabric or chain classes. This allows items to be traded if they are better off in other characters.

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Get King's Rest and Siege of Boralus

You can’t don’t have immediate access to King's Rest and the siege of Boralus. These two dungeons are linked to the progress of the war campaign and the completion of the story:

For the siege of Boralus, the Alliance must have completed the story of Jaina Proudmoore, for which the success "Kul Tourist" is necessary. For King's Rest, a reputation level of 7,500 / 12,000 must have been achieved by Honored Respectfully at the 7th Legion, and the corresponding War Campaign quest completed.

For King's Rest, the Horde must have completed the story of Princess Talanji, for whom the achievement Zandalar Forever is required. For the siege of Boralus, a reputation level of 7,500 / 12,000 must have been reached from Honored to Respectful to the Oathbound and completed the corresponding War Campaign quest.

World quests

World quests give you the fastest and easiest way into the endgame of Battle for Azeroth. You can do some prerequisites to unlock world quests right from the level-up stage and start playing at level 120 almost immediately.

The rewards of World quests scale with your level of equipment. At the beginning you will find items with level 300+ or 310+. Once you reach a 325 item level, the rewards are raised to 330+ and fortunately can be raised to 355.

Dungeons and World Quests also give you up to 340 Azerite armor. However, Azerite armor can not get stronger on receipt, its level is fixed and can only be improved by boosting the heart of Azeroth.

To get the most out of the Azerite armor, you must also take care of Azeroth.

If you're new to level 120, your faction's reputation traders can also make it easier to launch valuable items. You get better rewards as your reputation level increases:

- Honored: Level 320
- Revered: Level 335
- Exalted: Level 350

You can also earn the reputation while leveling. However, we don’t recommend to play specially on the call. The time you need is better used with other variants. However, you can also collect reputation passively, so you can later on hone your equipment a bit.

Finally, there is also the possibility that you simply buy or manufacture equipment. In the auction house, you'll find your world loot at level 350, which is offered for quite a bit of gold, but is usually a big improvement.

Craftsmen can also make equipment and weapons. You can craft and trade items at level 300 or with some luck even 310. Engineers can make grade 340 eye wear, inscriptions the Level 355 Darkmoon card sets, which are particularly good for many classes.

If you have already defeated some mythic dungeons, you also get hydro core - one per end boss. With 15 cores each (less for the Engineer's Goggles), you can craft 2 355-piece gear that is bound when picked up. If you do all the dungeons, you will have both parts in three weeks.

Together with Uldir, the mythical key stone dungeons and probably also the war fronts will open their doors on the 5th of September. If you want to upgrade your equipment before Uldir with a special part, visit also the new features.

If you win a war front, armor pieces with item level 370 will wave you to them. With luck they will even be upgraded to level 400, which is possible once the mythical raid is available. The faction controlling the war front also has access to a world boss. The alliance will first control the first war front Stromgarde.

In Mythic + dungeons, you gain level 345 rewards starting at +2. If you master +10, you'll even get 370 in the instance and 380 in the weekly box. In any case, mythic keystone dungeons in Uldir can offer you an upgrade once again.

Weapon enchantments have returned with Battle for Azeroth. Remember to enchant your weapons and other pieces of armor such as rings before you go to Uldir.

Also, don’ forget that you can also provide new equipment with pedestals if you have a pedestal.