Guide to get and Use Flare: The Walking Dead Our World

In The Walking Dead (TWD): Our World, Flare is a type of light signal that you can use during rescue missions or to help out friends. It is rare and only works for a limited time. To use it, you must go into the map mode and click on the backpack. Afterwards, a menu will pop up where you can set up buildings or even trigger the flare.

Once you have clicked on the backpack and the flare signal, your team members see that you need some help. So you should definitely join a group so that you won’t lose this feature.

Join a group with many active members. So you not only quickly collect coins but also get a chance to receive a flare. If that's the case, you will find a blue star in the map view at the bottom left. Touch to answer the signal.

This will teleport you to the place where help needed and you can always return to the original place by clicking the button at the bottom left. As soon as you see the star, you should act immediately. The flares disappear after a short time. So you don’t necessarily have much time to do all the missions in the area.

If you want to use or send a flare signal, so that you can visit friends, you need some in game currency. For example, we were able to buy a flare in the shop for money shortly after opening the app for the first time. So far we could not make any further offers for the signals in the shop.

Use Flare Signal, The Walking Dead, Our World, TWD

But if you buy packages in the shop, the flare signal should be there more often. Plus, if you're lucky, you can find them at epic loot boxes in the world.

In addition, you can get them if you diligently do missions with your group. If you have completed all the tasks, you climb in the group level. With higher levels, the rewards will be better - and you have a better chance to get a flare.