H1Z1 Battle Pass Leveling and Medals Earning Guide

Battle Royal Season 1, the latest major expansion to H1Z1 has brought the Battle Pass system and this gave me a good reason to look into the game and try it out. So I played a few rounds and after a short while I wondered how to level up this Battle Pass. Sometimes I got the message after the matches that I got medals that level up my Battle Pass, but sometimes not. After several try outs I found my answers and want to share them with you.

In H1Z1, there are two actions that you can use to level up your Battle Pass:

Complete the daily challenges and increase your season level.

If you're new to H1Z1, then you’ll have to complete the 12 tutorial missions and get the crossbow. The daily challenges that will allow you to level up your Battle Pass will not be unlocked until you complete these challenges.

Another small note about the crossbow mission: You have to find one yourself, because if you play in a duo or team and one of your friends finds a crossbow first, he can give it to you, but this doesn’t count as a complete challenge.

After you have completed the tutorial missions you will get the access to the daily ones and upon completion you will be rewarded with medals.

H1Z1, Battle Pass, Leveling Guide and Medals Earning Guide

What are these medals?

One level in the Battle Pass consists of 10 small slots that must be completed to reach the next level. These slots will fill you with the medals, which you may receive after a round. This means that you will level up your Battle Pass with these medals.

The maximum of the season level is 100 and with each new level you will be rewarded with medals. Within these 100 levels there are milestones. This means that you will get more medals at the end of each level with a 0 or a 5 than with the others.

But how does the season level increase?

First and foremost, the developers behind the game had a lot of kills, so of course you get points for every elimination. But that's not the only thing you have to watch out for, because of course the survival time counts as well. While in the meantime something has been removed from the kills as the most important factor, discontent is spreading in the community. Survival became a very important aspect, forming a broad path for campers.

A good mix of both will not only make you better in the game, but also be the fastest way to level up H1Z1 - killing enemies and getting the first one is the least surprising but unfortunately the right answer.