Insurgency Getting Started, Survival and Strategy Guide

With the sequel Insurgency: Sandstorm fast approaching, the original game quickly gained more attention thanks to the creators’ action to give away the game for free for two days on Steam.

In this guide, we'd like to give you some useful getting started tips and tricks to help you survive in the game.

Before you begin Insurgency, it is recommended a systematic and thoughtful approach. This is one of the most important tips for beginners and veterans. Constant sprinting and too offensive behavior you should get used to!

To make it easier for you to begin or to continue training your skills, here are a few useful tips for you.

- Learn the maps well and pay attention to common camper spots and how to handle them safely. A safe path over the map lets you edge your opponent much more often.

- Always have a second weapon with you! Pistols are economical and can save your life if you don’t have any ammo left for your primary weapon. Especially, snipers should have a pistol in case of an emergency.

- You can lean left and right, and you should do that to look around corners faster and reveal only a fraction of your body in a firefight. Important: If you lean to the right, you can tilt further than the left side - you should always pay attention to this.

Insurgency, Getting Started, Survival, Strategy Guide

- If you run for a short time, you can press the button to squat a few meters to slip. If you want to ski down stairs faster, this trick is worth.

- Armor and weapons affect your load and thus your speed and your agility. In goal-based game modes, light equipment is available so you can surprise the opposing team and kill them before they even notice you. With less weight you slide on, you can lean further and run faster.

- Hip firing is more effective than you might expect. Every now and then, you should take a few shots from the hips to get a feel for each weapon. At short to medium distance you save in the duel the milliseconds that would otherwise claim the goals.

- Use Cover. Many firefights you can decide with good position and cover for you. By turning on and off the target mode of the weapon with a click, you can safely overlook some coverage.

- The use of hand and stun grenades is just as important and game-changing. Even campers can scare you with grenades or C4.

- Speaking of grenades: If you have to push on a map, we recommend the use of smoke grenades. This allows you to block certain areas and edge the enemy. But smoke grenades are also good for distraction.

- Lasers and flashlights are especially useful at night, but enemies can see reflections and lights all over the map. We cannot really give you any tips on this. You have to decide if you want to take the risk or not.

It is recommended to communicate with your fellow players or at least try to read their actions and act accordingly. The commands in the game help you.