Relics of Hiram: Everything New in ArcheAge Update 5.0

Relics of Hiram is the latest expansion (Update 5.0) to ArcheAge set for release this fall. The update will take you to a new part of Auroria. It is an endgame zone where even the greatest heroes finding difficult to master some challenges.

This expansion brings you a new Malediction skillset. With this it is possible to take advantage of the weaknesses of your opponents with dark magic and strengthen yourself. Malediction brings 45 new class combinations with it.

The new expansion will also come with a new level of Hiram equipment. First you must awake them, to do that you have to complete daily quests that lead you into the West Hiram Mountains. It is even possible to get the particularly powerful Hiram Guardian equipment. In addition, the update offers the following features:

- Increase the ancestor level cap

- Improved home customizations

- Queue for teams in the multiplayer arena

- Mount collecting premiums

- New achievements and other features to be announced

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