Complete all Lab Projects Guide: Spider Man (2018)

In Spider Man (2018), you have the opportunity to work with doctor Octavius to invent new gadgets for your Spidey suits.

The game provides you with 20 optional projects (Circuit and Spectrograph Projects) and completing all of them will unlock the trophy “A Bit of a Fixer-Upper,” besides you’ll get a lot of research items that in turn needs to unlock new suits.

For both the circuits and the spectrograph, you'll have to complete 10 projects each, which of course will become a bit difficult as you progress through the projects. Soon you will not only have to find suitable patterns and make the connection, but also ensure that the voltage is reached and the spectrograph inserts overlays that adjust the strokes.

Circuit Project -1 Actuator Precision

Circuit Project -2 Minimal Grip Force

Circuit Project -3 Spatial Mapping

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Circuit Project -4 Balance Compensation

Circuit Project -5 Power Efficiency

Circuit Project -6 Microcable Calibration

Circuit Project -7 Machine Learning Sub System

Circuit Project -8 Stage 1 Intracranial Interface

Circuit Project -9 Stage 2 Intracranial Interface

Circuit Project -10 Precision Targeting

Spectrograph Project-1 Polydimethylsiloxane

Spectrograph Project-2 Hydrogel IPN

Spectrograph Project-3 Conducting Polymer / Carbon Nanotube

Spectrograph Project-4 5-Dimethylythiazol

Spectrograph Project-5 Diphenyltetrazolium Bromide

Spectrograph Project-6 Graphene Nanolattice

Spectrograph Project-7 Lead Zirconate Titanate

Spectrograph Project-8 Poly(Methyl Metacrylate)

Spectrograph Project-9 Gallium Phosphide Nanowires

Spectrograph Project-10 Glycero-3-Phosphocholine