Destiny 2 Farm Prime Engrams and Reach 600 Power

In Destiny 2: Forsaken, you’ll find two cap systems one increases with your XP and the other is the power level “soft cap,” which is average of your equipment. To reach the maximum level of 50 you have to complete the Forsaken campaign. With this your power level should reach to 500, which is the soft cap.

To go beyond the soft cap and reach power level 600, you need prime engrams. The first Prime engram you’ll get from the Master Rahool and the rest you have to earn with some difficulty. In this guide, we'll tell you how to pass the Soft Cap and get to the power level 600.

Destiny 2, Prime Engram, Master Rahool

After completing the Forsaken Campaign, you will see many new milestones offering you Powerful Gear. If you complete these milestones, you will be rewarded with Prime engrams. So get started with the tower and talk to your friends there.

Also, every day, the Prime Attunement buff will be active after getting your first Prime engram. This increases your chance at Prime engrams by defeating challenging enemies or completing Crucible matches. So if you want to farm more prime engrams, there are other possibilities that we have considered very efficient. Here are the best methods:

Destiny 2, Prime Attunement

There are daily and weekly challenges that bring you Prime engram each. For example, look around in Orbit at the Vanguard (Strikes) or in the Crucible (PvP). Daily challenges are reset every four days, but weekly every seven days.

If you've unlocked the Dreaming City, there's another way you can farm prime engrams. Stop by Petra Venj and grab her weekly raids, which are labeled as orders in her inventory. As a reward, weapons and armor will wave you over Level 500 in Prime Engrams.

- Meet Vagabonds, Zavala and Lord Shaxx. Each of them will give you a quest to complete a Strike, a Crucible Match, or a round of Gambit in a complete Season 4 set of armor. That means: For the Strike you need a Vanguard Set, for the Crucible the PvP-Set and for the new Mode the Gambit-Set from Season 4. Again you can skim a Prime ngram.

Destiny 2, Prime Engrams

- We also recommend the Escalation Protocol if you want to farm prime engrams. Here are many opponents with yellow and orange lifebelt in each phase. Also searched destinations often appear here in the area. Alone you will not survive long, many enemies you can still kill in the short lifespan.

It is important to mention that the Prime engrams don’t scale with your level. To keep them too long is not a good idea. Press your power level up regularly to increase the quality of the loot in the special engrams. You should reach Power Level 600 soon.