Destiny 2: Forsaken Gambit Loadout Guide and Tips

Gambit is a new addition to Destiny 2 that merges PvE and PvP. In the battle against other opponents, you are required to stop them from collecting motes until blockers are smashed. The team that first defeats the final boss wins the Gambit Round.

Besides this PvE feature, Gambit also has PvP - because as soon as you have collected 25 and 50 motes, opens a portal, with which you get to the opponent team and this allowed to play for 30 seconds each. Many players wonder how best to tackle this PvEvP mode.

If you are in the pre-made task force with 4 guardians, you can set your roles and loadouts in advance.

- PvE Role: If you are collecting motes and defending the bank, choose a loadout that you would take in the Nightfall Strike. Bakken recommends a shotgun, a sniper or a fusion rifle and a matching primary weapon.

- PvP Role: If you want to take the PvP part and scurry through the portal to your opponents frequently, choose your best PvP loadout. Bakken recommends the vigilance wings, a sniper and a rocket launcher to create a lot of chaos.

If you're not happy with your gear in the Gambit fight, find a quiet place to quickly adjust your weapons, armor or focus.

Destiny 2, Forsaken Gambit, Loadout Guide, Tips
According to Stevens, Gambit mode doesn’t cost you so much as the Crucible if you change your weapons during the match. After the change you keep a large part of the corresponding ammunition.

Especially in the first few weeks you will have to experiment a lot, on which maps and against which opponents which items are best. Be brave and make changes during a Gambit game.

Your subclass is crucial

Choose a guardian subclass - a focus - that you love to play with, and combine it with exotics that enhance your focus. So many of the new exotic armor parts improve the new focus alternatives from Forsaken.

A few suggestions from Bakken:

- Titan hammers are strong against PvP opponents, but also powerful in PvE

- A Golden Cannon with 6 shots doesn’t seem to be a good idea in PvE, but in Gambit it can stand out against blockers and against an onslaught of many opponents

- The slow version of the Nova bomb is not recommended in PvP, but in PvE it can be destructive.

It will not be possible to find the "perfect loadout" for all roles in Gambit. Therefore, talk to your friends and make sure to create good combinations.

Here are a few Gambit strategies: 

If nothing works, collect motes

According to Bakken, Gambit was designed as a game mode where all Destiny players can have fun. It does not matter if you prefer PvE or PvP.

Due to the complexity of Gambit, it's easy to run around the first few laps and feel lost. Here, Bakken recommends that you first focus on defeating PvE enemies and getting motes into the bank.

Because at the most basic level, Gambit is about it. If you collect motes and bring them to the bank, you definitely help your team. If you are still unsure, go to the bank once more before dying and losing the motes.

Stay alive

In some Destiny 2 activities, it can be "cool" and rewarding to rush into the enemy masses with its super, kill dozens of enemies and sacrifice themselves to be directly revived. Gambit is not one of these activities.

Dying in Gambit has big disadvantages. Because all the motes you carry with you when you die are lost forever. They will not drop and cannot be picked up by other players. This motes loss affects your team enormously.

So play safe if you carry a large amount of motes with you!

Movement and multitasking are important

You lose in Gambit, if you always just run after teammates. Don’t shoot four of each PvE opponent, but distribute. Look where you are most needed.

Don’t grab the motes away from your fellow players, but look for your own opponents. Or defeat enemies at the bank. Or take care of the enemy guard who came through the portal.

Destiny 2, Forsaken Gambit, Guardians and Opportnants

Constantly blocks the enemy guardians

Blockers are additional enemies that can be sent to the other team by a guardian peppering a certain number of particles into the bank. The blockers block the opposing bank and release them only when defeated.

- At the same time, put your 5 motes in the bank and turn up a possessed phalanx at the enemy.

- Skin your 10 motes at once, a Possessed Knight emerges

- As your 15 motes are pure - which is the maximum you can carry - the enemy gets a Possessed Ogre to their necks

It's a waste to bring 4, 9 or 14 motes to the bank. Make the 5, 10 or 15 full if possible.
Always keep an eye on the point ads

At the top of the screen in the middle you can see how many motes your team and the opposing team already have in the bank. Keep an eye out to see when the portals open and the primeval people appear.

In addition, you can see how many Motes the teammates are carrying. Therefore, don’t snatch a particle off your opponent's nose when you see he has 14 already, so he can do the 15 and drive an ogre at the enemies.

Provides strong invasions

You don’t have to rush into the opposing arena as soon as the portal opens. You can make preparations for the invasion in advance, like:

- Put all your motes in the bank first

- See that you have a full super

- See that you have heavy ammo

- Give the opponents a blocker before that distracts them

During the invasion, quickly find the enemy that carries the most motes and defeat it. This is how you harm the opposing team the most.

When an enemy Guardian enters your arena, communicates with each other where he is and eliminates it as quickly as possible.

Adjust your strategy

If you lose your first gambit round, discuss what you can do better and adjust the strategy.

For example, if your opponents have unleashed many ogres, Stevens says it's a good strategy to send the enemy many 5 motes blockers and quickly invade them.

So collect 25 motes as quickly as possible and defeat the enemy keepers who are about to collect 15 motes at once during the invasion.

Don’t give up early

Every team in Gambit wants to take the lead quickly and keep it - but comebacks are always possible.

- When you are down, spawn a glowing enemy that drops all kinds of motes. Kill him and catch up.

- The primeval phase of your opponent can drag you out by repeatedly going through the portal and defeating opposing guardians. Thus, the vital points of the primeval are recharged.

Bakken and Stevens emphasize that one is never without a chance. You can always turn the game.

Use your super wisely

While your PvP player is allowed to use his super invasions during the invasions, the other Guardians should make sure that they have their super full in the fight against the primordial.

The final boss can be defeated relatively quickly with the super attacks.

Take care of the Lieutenants of the Primal

When the primeval spawns, he doesn’t come alone. He brings with him some strong Lieutenants who have many health points themselves and increase the damage resistance of the Primal.

Defeat the lieutenants first, wait until there is no enemy guardian in your arena, and then shoot everything together on the primordial (Super, Heavy Weapons).