Dragon Quest 11: Rideable Mounts All Monster Locations

In Dragon Quest 11 Echoes of an Elusive Age, there are 58 achievements to be unlocked and Mount Olympian is one of achievements that require you to ride all rideable monsters.

Since there are only few mountable monsters, this task is not that difficult - assuming you know the locations of these mountable mounts. Below we show you the locations of all six ride-able monsters in the DQ 11.

Please note that you will not be able to take these monsters with you on your journey. They don’t leave the area assigned to them and you have to leave them behind if your adventure is to continue. So if you find a mountable monster, try exploring the entire area before leaving the mount.

Perl Mobile / Eggsoskeleton Mount:

On the lower level of the king's temple (King's Barrow) you will find this ominous mount. With his strong legs, you can jump to higher places (you need to press R2 button)

Dragon Quest 11, Perl Mobile, Eggsoskeleton Mount

Skeleton mount / Skullrider’s Steed:

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You can find this monster in the Cryptic Crypt (Pit). It helps you to climb walls. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all walls, but only to those marked with footsteps

Dragon Quest 11, Rideable Mount, Skeleton, Skullrider’s Steed

Bee Rider / Midnight Horknight:

In Laguna di Gondolia this hornet is hovering and waiting to be ridden by you. It makes it easier for you to get through the marshes and allows you to go above water.

Dragon Quest 11, Rideable Mount, Bee Rider, Midnight Horknight

Face Stack Mount:

Once you have reached Snowfield of Snaerfelt, you will find this mount. It helps you smash ice and boulders.

Dragon Quest 11, Rideable Mount, Face Stack

Dragon Rider:

You'll find this monster in Mount Pang Lai. With him you can fly and reach such inaccessible areas and move faster.

Headless Horseman / Red Eye Horse:

In the Celestial Sands / Gallopolis area you will find this red-eyed horse of the headless Horseman, which you can use just like the normal horse.

Dragon Quest 11, Rideable Mount, Headless Horseman, Red Eye Horse