Fortnite: Find Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces and Solve the Task

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 week 10 challenges are live now and one of the challenges requires you to find seven Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces.

There are only a handful of Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces scattered across the map. In addition, you sometimes find several of them in the same location, as in Salty Springs. On the following map you can see the location of all jigsaw puzzle pieces.

We have listed the exact locations of the puzzle pieces below:

- Pleasant Park: Here, you’ll find many houses, but only one has a basement. At the western edge you will find the jigsaw piece.

- Greasy Grove: There are also two pieces here. One is under the burger shop. The other one is a bit away. You have to go to the rundown house on the hill to the south at D7 and D8.

- Snobby Shores: Of the houses right next to Snobby Shores, only one has a basement. It is the second villa from the north. In the south of Snobby Shores are in the grid square A 6 also a few houses, one of which has a piece.

- Super Hero Hideout: The superhero house at J6 south of Lonely Lodge has a basement. There you’ll find another piece.

- House between Risky Reels and Tomato Temple: At the grid square G3 is a house with a puzzle piece.

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- Shifty Shafts Head west, where you see two houses. The southern house has a jigsaw piece.

- Risky Reels: In the east of Risky Reels is a house in grid square I2. There is a puzzle piece.

- Salty Springs: Here, there are two houses with pieces. One is right in the middle of the settlement. The second house can be found in the northwest.

To collect many puzzle pieces quickly, just go down to Pleasant Park and work your way through to Snobby Shores. Go south to A6 and get the piece there.

Then we continue to Greasy Grove to the burger shop. From there you make your way to the hill between the grid squares D7 and D8 and get the 4th piece.

Then you just have to get the remaining three pieces. Two of them are in Salty Springs. If you get them, then you can easily complete the challenge in 3 rounds.