Fortnite Find the Secret Battle Star Season 5 Week 10

Fortnite Season 5, Week 10 challenges are here and the current season will continue until the 25th of September. In week 10, one of the challenges requires you to search between a covered bridge, a waterfall and the 9th green in Lazy Link. If you find the right location, then the battlestar appears and presents itself with an entire Battle Pass level.

The Ninth Green is located in the north of Lazy Links and finding the bridge also quite easy as you can see it from the top. The river, which leads through the middle of Fortnite Battle Royale's map, flows into the great wide sea to the north. There is also a bridge near this river that is part of the challenge. The following picture shows you the exact location of the secret Battle Star.

The best place to land is near to the above mentioned three locations, loot and then go to the point. Here, you’ll encounter a lot of other opponents and wait to kill you. So be careful!

Depending on how the storm moves, you can head south to Salty Springs to raid crates. Because that too is a task that you have to complete in week 10. In addition, you should look for apples or mushrooms. Take 20 of them to get 5 Battle Points.

As you progress through the tasks, you should do as much damage as possible and kill opponents. Here, you have to deal 5,000 damages to complete a weekly task. This means you have to kill about 50 enemies for this to work.

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