Kill All Bosses in Destiny 2 Last Wish

Destiny 2 Forsaken's Last Wish Raid is now live and the players who want to start this raid must get to the Dreaming City. Besides you must have at least PL 520 to start this Raid.

On the top left of the Dreaming City map you’ll find an icon for this Raid. Go to the Divalian mist and then go through the gate. On your left side you’ll find a small crack wall, which takes you to the first raid encounter.

Here’s a guide on how to kill or defeat Calli The Corrupted boss:

The initial conditions:

- Your task is to kill Kalli the Corrupted.

- You are in a circular space called Tower of Opened Eyes. In it there are 9 platforms / plates with luminous items floating above them. In these there are various symbols like snakes. Give these symbols names like "8", "U", "S" and "Infinity" (a lying 8).

- If you step on one of the plates, a light will activate and explode after a short while.

Strategy to tackle and kill Kalli the Corrupted boss:

 Destiny 2, Last Wish, Kalli the Corrupted, Kill

- First, you must activate the lights on those six plates that match the symbols in the center of the room (where Kalli appears first, marked green in the following graphic). If you do it wrong, two ogres in the middle will spawn. Communicate with each other and determine who takes care of which of the six symbols displayed. The symbols are arranged randomly each time.

- After you've exploded all the lights, a knight spawns at the plate. Kill it quickly, and the plate is cleared. There are no lights left on it.

- If all 6 knights on the 6 plates of the 6 correct symbols are killed, the damage phase starts with Kalli. At best, stand together in the middle of the room in a kind of arena and shoot together on calli.

- During the fight Kalli devises a powerful ontological weapon and if you are not protected against this, everyone dies.

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- If you have previously cleared the right plates, doors open in the middle in the arena in time, with a small shelter behind each door, which only one player can fit. The door closes and protects you from the Kalli’s weapons.

- Communicate with players before you run wild to the 6 doors. For example, specify that a player takes the door as far to the right as possible, one on the left door and one in the middle. The remaining three players can stay away a short time and look for the other doors, where they also orientate left, right or center.

- If you come out, the damage phase continues. Overall, a damage phase consists of three phases in which you can do damage. Then you have to clear the plates again with the lights.

- Afterwards, you are allowed to repeat this until Kalli is defeated.

- Caution: Every now and then doors open to the shelters on all sides. However, this is an ambush. Choose the one Kalli is currently on. If you choose the doors opposite your opponent, you will die.

Guide to kill / defeat Shuro Chi, The Corrupted boss:

The initial conditions:

- After cross the bridge you’ll encounter Shuro Chi.

- Immediately after enter the boss’ room, a 4-minute countdown called Shuro Chi's song is on. If this has expired, you are dying.

- The Boss encounter is roughly divided into three phases: Killing enemies, doing damage to the boss, completing the puzzle.

Strategy to tackle and kill Shuro Chi boss:

- First, get-rid-of all minor enemies you encounter.

- Around Shuro Chi there are three plates on which three prism weapons spawn as soon as the small enemies are defeated. Grab the prism weapons at once, stand on the platforms and shoot in the triangle with the Prism weapons.

- You must hold this triangle for a short while until the witch's shield breaks. Then down from the plates and shoot again.

- Shuro Chi is now stinky and wants to kill you with her weapon, which she has to prepare first. To prevent this from happening, kill a nearby knight dropping a relic. This will strike you on Shuro Chi and you will turn away from your certain death. Choose two players to take care of the relic. Because a player cannot carry the relic twice in a row.

- The life display of Shuro Chi is divided into six areas. You can reduce one for each damage phase. Meanwhile, Shuro Chi's song runs off whose timer you have to keep an eye on. After two damage phases you have to charge the timer.

- To restart this timer, you may enter a "Puzzle Room" where there are nine boxes on the floor and three circles on the wall. A circle now displays an icon that has 4 areas missing. You must now jump to the four spaces on the ground that corresponds to the four missing areas in the icon

- Four players now jump on the four squares at the same time, because the fields cause damage and cannot be occupied for a long time. The other two players take care of the enemies. Important: Each player may enter the same space only once. Number it out and also notice which field you are already on. Accordingly, you have to make announcements.

- In total, three circles must be "filled in" on the wall. Then the timer will be refilled and you can go back to Shuro Chi and repeat the mechanics until it is defeated.

- Additional enemies spawn before the last damage phase. Defeat them before shooting Shuro Chi.

Guide to kill / defeat Morgeth, The Spirekeeper

The initial conditions:

- Here, you’ll find a big ogre.

- Morgeht is gaining in strength by absorbing taken energy. As soon as he reaches 100% strength, you die. Follow our guide to prevent this:

- If you take a ball, you get the effect Taken Strength. Morgeth then wants to take this strength from you. If he does that, you will die after 20 seconds. In total, you can record a maximum of 2 balls at once. If you take three, you die.

- To prevent them from dying after 20 seconds, another player with the Taken Essence Orbs must come to one and free one of them. This essence comes from the knight called "Eye of Riven".

- The essence bearer does not extinguish the taken strength, but absorbs it. He is allowed to take in only two such strengths himself, otherwise he dies. In addition, Morgeth now wants to deprive the essence carrier of the strength, so that he can go down after 20 seconds. Another player with the Essence must now come and free him from it.

Strategy to tackle and kill Shuro Morgeth boss:

- Divide into two groups of three, one group on the left, one group on the right, and defeat all small enemies (including Taken Ogres) running around.

- When all enemies are dead, spawn the Taken bullets you must take.

- Kill the knights, collect the essence, and continue to pass the Taken Strength until the damage phase begins. It starts when a bullet spans right in front of Morgeth and you take it away from him.

- For the damage phase, retreat as far back as possible, with Titans' Void Shield now recommended. He can fend off bullets that Morgeth shoots at you so that the other players can focus on doing damage to the boss.

- In the damage phase Morgeth continues to gain strength. If he has reached 100%, you are dying. Therefore, you must use a Super Attack with the Taken Essence in time to prevent it. As a result, Morgeth loses his focus, the damage phase is over and you have survived.

- Repeat this mechanic and the boss is defeated. Communication is important. Say who has the essences, who picks up the taken bullets, who needs to be healed from the 20-second timer.

Vault Security Mechanism Puzzle - Solution and Strategy

The initial conditions:

- For the vault security mechanism puzzle you have to activate your gray cells, because it is a puzzle that has many variations.

- There is only a limited amount of time available for this and while doing so you can protect against waves of the taken.

Strategy to complete the Chamber puzzle:

- In the middle of the room you’ll find a strange object around which three plates are arranged. If you stand on top of all three of them, they start to light up and the mechanism starts. In addition, enemies spawn.

- Defeat the enemies until Knights, Riven's eyes, appear, bringing back taken essences. You need these essences to clean the plates you are standing on.

- There are also extremely strong taken knights called Might of Riven, who want to overload the plates. If he succeeds, you will die. You have to kill him in time.

- As you stand on the plates, symbols appear above the plates on the strange object in the middle. Indicates the middle symbol that a colleague sees either on the left or the right side above his plate:

- If the icon is on the left side, the corresponding plate must be cleansed with the Penumbra buff. If it's on the right side, you'll need the Antumbra Buff.

- So you have to guide the players with the right Taken Essence to the appropriate plate, depending on which buff is needed. In the above example, a player with the Taken Essence Penumbra needs to clean the third plate.

- The one on plate 3 then asks who has a dragon that flies down, left or right. Because this symbol is at the upper example with plate 3 in the middle. You can see that this symbol is right at plate 2. So you have to clean plate 2 with the antumbra essence.

- Say the middle symbols in turn until all three plates are cleansed.

- The symbols are arranged randomly each time. It is best to have three players who tell the symbols of their tiles each time.

- But that's not all. You have to get the essences from knights in some out of the way rooms that close off as soon as you have the essence. You have to find a way out to get the essence back into the main room and cleanse the plate. There are walls going up there, which the team in the middle has to tell, so that the Essence Keeper knows how he can escape.

In this phase, a lot has to be communicated and coordinated.

Guide to kill / defeat Riven of a Thousand Voices

- To start the encounter, all 6 players have to stand on a plate.

- There are two different rooms, so you have to split into two teams of three.

- Now kill the Adds until a Knight, an Eye of Riven, spawns. He has an essence again. A player grabs the essence and says which emblem he sees on a "viewing plate". The other players go to this plate and lead the player with the essence to an emblem invisible to the essence bearer. Once in place, he can cleanse the emblem, which weakens Riven.

- Now attack the final boss until Riven makes a tentacle attack. Keep shooting until Riven reveals a few bright eyes. Say the bright eyes. Because when Riven shows up in the second room, you first have to shoot at her mouth and then at the corresponding, glowing eyes.

- This damage phase ends with your going into a free fall. As you fall, shoot at the boss's glowing growths.

- This process is repeated in different arenas until Riven is defeated. Shortly before Riven's death, you will be teleported to the ascendant world where you can master a jump passage.

End of the last wish Raid - solution for the last phase

If Riven is dead, the raid is not over yet. Now you have to carry the Orb of Riven until you reach the end.

- Decides who has to carry the Orb.

- A timer starts as soon as the Orb has been recorded. When the timer expires, the carrier is teleported to another area. Now another player has to take the Orb and carry it as long as possible.

- The task is to survive and escape. There are taken people who have to be killed. In addition, the Orb forms a dome around the Orb carrier. If a player stays too long outside this dome, he dies. That means the task force has to stay close to each other.

- In addition, the former Orb carriers who have been teleported to another area must defeat the taken and gain taken strength by picking up bullets. A stack of x2 Taken Strength will reset the timer, giving you more time to complete.