Reset Nintendo Switch to Factory: Wipe all your Data

You can fix most common Nintendo Switch problems on your own by resetting your gaming console to factory defaults. Even if you plan on selling your device, you should reset it to factory settings so that the buyer has no access to your account or stored data.

Note: Before you proceed with factory reset, make sure to back up your Switch data as this procedure will wipe out all your accounts, settings and saved games.

Here’s how to HARD reset your Nintendo Switch to factory default

- Start the console and select the gear icon System Settings.
- Then go to the very bottom, to the menu item Console.
- Select Formatting Option:

Nintendo Switch, Game Console Menu

Here you have four options:

* Reset cache: To clear cached web site data such as passwords, cookies and history.
* Reset keyboard: To delete text suggestions and the like.
* Format microSD Card: To erase all data stored on the microSD such as games, photos and videos.
* Reset to factory settings: To clear all data and reset the console to the factory settings .

Nintendo Switch, Factory Reset

Now select "Reset to factory settings"

A warning message will pop up indicating that this will delete all your data, profiles and settings on the switch. If you are sure you want to delete everything, select the Next button below the message.

Nintendo Switch, Factory Reset Guide

Here’s how to SOFT reset your Nintendo Switch to factory default

If the switch stops responding, don’t try to perform a hard reset, aka factory reset. In this case, a soft reset is enough.

To perform a soft reset, simply hold the power button on the console for 15 seconds and then press the power button again briefly. Afterwards the console should restart now. Soft reset does not lose any data; it's just a way to restart the console if it's frozen due to an error.

Of course, the previous crash of the software may damage your last saved data. All other files should still be intact.