AC Odyssey: Legendary Animal Locations Rewards Hunt Guide

As you progress through the Assassin's Creed Odyssey you’ll encounter one of the daughters of Artemis, Daphnae, in the sacred lands of Apollo. She will give you a quest where you have to hunt all legendary animals and bring her their fur.

Once you complete her quest, you will receive a reward for each fur. After your last assignment you will find the Artemis’ daughter on the Greek Island Chios. Here you can complete your quest and even start a romance with Daphnae.

First, you should hunt Kalydonian Boar for her and then she’ll ask you to hunt another seven legendary animals.

- Kalydonian Boar

You’ll find Kalydonian Boar in the northwest of the sacred land of Apollo. It is best to take this animal when you reach level 16. If the Kalydonian boar has been properly wounded, it will call for four more boars. Try to stun it instead of killing her. So you can prevent it calling more supporters. When you complete the fight, you will receive as a reward the Master's Artemis Hood and the Artemis' bow.

- The Hind of Keryneia

This legendary animal can be found on the Euboea island. Look for Artemision Point. You’ll find it approximately in the middle of the map. You should not take this challenge until you reach level 16. Once you have killed it, you will receive Death Arrows as a reward.

- The Nemean Lion

This legendary lion lives in the Argolis. Just look for it in the south of the area. When you reach level 22, the fight should not be much difficult. As a reward you will receive the legendary sword Pandora’s Kopis. If you like to use domesticated animals, the engraving of the sword will increase the attack of these animals by 100% and their health by 50%.

- The Kretan Bull

You’ll find this animal in Messara. Your target is on the fertile battlefield. It’s recommended to face the bull once you reach level 33. If you win the fight, you will be rewarded with Artemis' Armor Outfit.

Krokottas Hyena, AC Odyssey, Legendary Animal Locations, Rewards, Hunting Guide
- The Lykaon Wolf

Lykaon Wolf is located in Dioscuri peninsula, Laconia. If you have reached level 36, you should be sufficiently superior in combat and defeat this legendary animal quite easily. Afterwards you will receive the Master’s Artemis Treads as a reward.

- Kallisto the Bear

Kallisto the Bear is located in Arkadia, there you have to search it on the border with Argolis. Once you reach level 37, the fight will be a little easier for you. If you win, you will be rewarded with the Master’s Artemis Belt.

- The Erymanthian Boar

You’ll find this legendary animal in Elis, West Erymanthos Foothills. But you should not challenge him until you reach level 38. If you defeat this animal, you will receive Master’s Artemis Gloves as a reward.

- The Krokottas Hyena

The Krokottas Hyena is located in Skandeia Bay, South Kythera Island. This part of the quest requires you to reach level 39. If you defeat this creature, then you will be rewarded death arrows as a reward.