Fallout 76: Buying and Selling Guide

In Fallout 76, you have the option to trade with other players. In this way you can quickly get to bottle caps or better weapons and equipment.

In order to trade in Fallout 76, you need an item for sale or enough bottle caps for a purchase and a buyer or a seller.

Since the current Fallout 76 map is very large and only a limited number of players play on a server. So it may take a while for you to find someone you can trade with and want to trade with.

Here's how trading system or Buying and selling works in Fallout 76: If you've found player who is willing to buy your items or sell you things, all you have to do is hit. As soon as you face each other, you can start the transaction by clicking the "accept offer / trade" button:

- First you must approach the player and hold the accept offer / trade button.
- Then find the item you want to sell (or wait for an offer).
- Enter the price the counterpart should pay and confirm.
- Select the item and press offer.
- Interact with the offered items.
- Select the item and press the Buy Item button.
- Confirm the purchase.

Fallout 76, Buying, Selling Guide

In Fallout 76 you can also make special and unique weapons. If you find someone who offers them, you can just buy good equipment. If you make such things yourself, you can earn some bottle caps.