Torn Treasure Map Locations: Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll come across a torn treasure map. There are two pieces of it and you must find both to get the complete treasure map. This in turn leads you to Otis Miller's treasure.

However, you can only get this treasure in epilogue 1 at the end of the game because it is hidden in New Austin.

Once you've found the left and right parts of the treasure map it will end up in your inventory, showing the location of Otis Miller's treasure.

The left part of the Torn treasure map can be found in a small drawer in the Manito Glade hut. The following picture shows you the exact location:

Torn Treasure Map, Otis Miller's treasure, Locations Guide, Manito Glade Hut, Red Dead Redemption 2, Left Portion

Manito Glade Hut, Otis Miller's treasure, Map Location

Watch out for the crazy hermit who lives in the hut. You have to kill him, because he is not exactly hospitable. Make sure you also get the rare shotgun to add it to your arsenal.

The right part of the torn treasure map can be found at the far end of the map west of Grizzlies West in the Hermit's hut. A woman will shoot at you as soon as you enter her property. She also releases her pack of dogs so approach with caution. The following picture shows you the exact location:

west of Grizzlies, Torn Treasure Map, Right Part, Locations, Red Dead Redemption 2

west of Grizzlies, Torn Treasure Map, Right Part, Location, Red Dead Redemption 2, Grizzlies, Hermit's hut

This map piece can be found in the drawer next to the Hermit's bed. Don’t forget to mention the hut as an "interesting place" in Arthur's journal.

Now you can look at the composite treasure map in your inventory and also read the message from Otis Miller on the back. However, the text does not give more details about the location of his treasure.

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The treasure map will take you to Cholla Springs in New Austin. At the very north of the state border you will find the entrance to the cave "Rattlesnake Hollow" In it, the chest is hidden with Otis Miller's treasure.

Otis Miller revolver, Treasure Chest,  Red Dead Redemption 2

In addition to various loot Otis Miller revolver marked the highlight of the treasure. This has a gold finish with a white handle and various engravings including the signature of Otis Miller.