Fallout 76: Illness, Disease types and Healing Guide

In Fallout 76, there is a chance that you’ll get infected with various disease and illness after you completed level four.

How do you catch sickness or diseases in Fallout 76?

- Drinking contaminated water.
- Eating raw foods
- Sleep on a mattress on the floor.
- Transmit from a sick person
- Swimming in the dirty / contaminated water.
- From hazard areas or areas with bad weather.
- From a trap.

Avoid sickness and diseases

- To avoid getting sickness in Fallout 76, you should drink boiled water and eat cooked food. In addition, the level of infection is directly related to your stamina. If you increase it, you become more resistant to all the diseases that you’ll catch in the game.
- Also make sure to wear protective suit and a gas mask in areas with environmental hazards or with bad weather.
- When you enter houses, look closely at the floor. If there is a trap there, then you have to defuse it.
- Always sleep in beds with a rack.
- Don’t try to eliminate infected enemies in close combat.

Fallout 76, Illness, Disease Types, Cure, Healing Guide

If you have one or more diseases, then you can see their effects in the Pip-Boy. Simply go to the STAT tab. and then to EFFECTS. If you want to heal, then you can use remedies and antibiotics. You can also make remedies yourself at the cooking station.

Remember that the medicines will free you from a disease. If you suffer from several, you must also take more remedies. The other option is simply to wait for the time the disease is going on. To do that, you have to weigh whether the effects of illness in your current situation could be too dangerous for you.

So far we have been able to find the following diseases.

Rad worms
Rattle Hands
Shell Shock
Snot Ear
Swamp Gas
Swamp Itch
Weeping Sores
Bone worms
Buzz Brain
Fever claw
Flap Limb
Glowing pustules
Jelly Fingers
Lock Joint
The Woopsies