Farming Simulator 19 Rent, Buy, Sell and Customize Equipment

In Farming Simulator 19 (FS 19), you are working on a limited budget so balancing your expenditure with income is important. Instead of buying equipment directly you can rent them or sell the existing one to afford you the money for other machinery.

Buy and Customize / Upgrade Your Agriculture Equipment

When buying your agricultural equipment it is advisable to get them from the dealer. You also have the option to customize your new machines. You can also do this after the purchase. Just place the machine in the marked area in front of the dealer and interact with the dealer symbol. You can customize your vehicle color, vehicle appearance, engine, tires and front loader attachments

Due to the large variety of agricultural accessories you cannot always adapt them to all machines. Each vehicle has other customization options.

Sell and Repair Equipment

If you want to sell your machines, you can do this through the dealer window. From there you can access your garage and see all your machinery at a glance. The sales value always depends on the age and wear of your machines.

Farming Simulator 19, FS 19, Rent, Buy, Sell, Customize Equipment

Rent Equipment

Renting machinery can often make more sense than purchasing them directly. For example, if you need farm equipment for a rare work, renting is the way to save your money.

For this, the rents option is available to you from the dealer. For each machine you have to pay a fixed initial fee. Then fall every hour more costs, as long as the corresponding machine is in use. Use the time efficiently!

The hourly cost will depend on the adjustments you choose for the device. Also keep in mind that you cannot adjust a rented vehicle afterwards.