Fortnite: Loading Screen Secret Banner Location, Season 6 Week 6

The Fortnite Battle Royale challenges for season six week six are now available.

Once again the new challenges bring a new loading screen for the players. This time there’s no secret star, but a secret banner.

This week loading screen shows the two Western characters Calamity and Deadfire in the fight against monsters.

As so often the action takes place in the foreground and in the background hides the hint.

The hint can be found on the tree in the background.

This monster can be found at Retail Row. About the grid I6, east of Retail Row just before the transition from grass to sand. The banner can be found at the top of the car figure.

Fortnite, Loading Screen, Banner Location, Season 6, Week 6

Fortnite, Loading Screen, Car Monster, Season 6, Week 6

Keep in mind that you must have completed all challenges from week 6 in Season 6 to see this banner.

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Fortnite, Secret Banner Location, Season 6, Week 6