Reasons why Quest Giver Not Available Red Dead Redemption 2

In addition to the main story, Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) comes with many side missions. However, occasionally you may find some of them disappear. In this guide we’ll show you what conditions can lead to disappearance of these side missions.

In fact, these side missions come with certain conditions that you either have to fulfill or that lead to the fact that the respective quest is not available for you.

You are wanted

If you are wanted, then there are some missions that you simply cannot take.

To get rid of the wanted level, simply go out of the red area and keep quiet for some time. If you've done worse things and a bounty has been put on you, you'll learn how to get rid of it.

Day or night quests

Some side quests are active only during the day or at night. The easiest way to find out if the particular quest is a day or night is to stop at the next hotel or set up camp in the wild.

Sleep until it is either day or night. If you find the quest giver again on the map, at least this riddle is solved.

No Quest Giver, Red Dead Redemption 2

Time Critical quests

Some side quests required you to reach on a certain level in the main mission. If you only follow the main story, you might miss a few side quests.

The specific quest is tied to your decision

As we mentioned above some side mission are simply tied to your decisions in the game and in the story. Depending on how you handle some them or how you deal with different people, whoever entrusts you with quests and who cannot.