Red Dead Redemption 2 American Dreams Clue Locations Guide

American Dreams is one of the side missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). In the mission, your task is to investigate three crime scenes. For this you must first find all clue / map pieces or notes relating to these three murder cases.

Clue: 1

The first clue you’ll find between Valentine and Citadel Rock in Chapter 2. A blood trail leads from the path to a bridge where the body was hung underneath. The head with the first clue you’ll find moored next to a pillar.

RDR 2, American Dreams, First Murder Clue, Location Map

 RDR 2, American Dreams, First Murder Clue, Note # 1, Location Guide

Clue: 2

The second clue piece can be found Close to Braithwaite Manor. You’ll find the body near an old tree right at the "S" of "MEADOWS". The head with the clue piece can be found on a branch next to the tree.

 RDR 2, American Dreams, Second Murder Clue, Location Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2, American Dreams, Third Clue, Map

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Clue: 3

The southwest of Wallace Station you’ll find the next murder case. The body is tied to a large rock and next it there is a small rock, on which lies the head with the third clue piece.

RDR 2, American Dreams, Third Murder Clue, Location map

RDR 2, American Dreams, Third Murder Clue, Map Location Guide

Now, you have all the required clues to find out the exact location of the killer, you can now start the mission "American Dreams"

RDR 2, American Dreams, All Clue Pieces

The clues lead you to the killer’s hidden place “Lucky's cabin southwest of Valentine. There you'll find a locked door in a hut. With the combination on the map (6 34 32) you can open the cellar door and enter the killer's hideout.

Defeat the murderer and take him to sheriff. He will once again attack the sheriff. Use your dead eye and shoot the killer for the sheriff to get $ 20 as a reward. If you do not do anything, the sheriff will overpower Edmund, but you will not get a reward.