Red Dead Redemption 2 Unlock Free Bonus Items

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are some free bonus items available to the owner of special or ultimate edition of the game. To unlock these bonus items, you must first complete the intro mission.

After you’ve completed the intro, you’ll get the Breakout achievement then you are in free roam mode. Here you will automatically get your extra money and also your XP boost, which will give you 5% extra XP on each activity until you reach 25th place.

To unlock other bonus items in Ultimate and Special Edition, you must continue playing the game.

During our RDR2 gameplay, we have been able to unlock all items and show you how to do. First, hold down the left directional key to bring up the catalog. About this you can buy almost all items in the game, which are then sent to the warehouse or the next post.

Scroll through this and buy everything where the price is only a zero. By this you realize that they are your bonus items. More precisely, these are:

3 Outfits: Shop the outfits Blackrose Bounty Hunter, Copperhead Enforcer and Grizzlies Outlaw in the Catalog. These are free for you and you can then equip them directly in the wardrobe of your camp.

Red Dead Redemption 2, Wardrobe Menu, Bonus Items

3 Weapons: The Pump Action Shotgun, Volcanic pistol and the Varmint rifle you get right at the beginning. Also press the Buy button on these weapons in the catalog to make them your possession. You can then equip them as usual with your horse.

1 horse and 3 saddles: Here, you’ll get a good racehorse but have to pick it up in the stable yourself. Do it right at the beginning and bring it to the stable near Tumbleweed, so you can quickly increase its equipment. You can pick it up in the fur color "black fox" in the stable. You also get some special saddles for free, which bring you bonuses. So do not forget to get the Saddles Alligator Ranch Cutter Saddle, Lumley Ranch Cutter Saddle and High Plains Saddle. Equip the latter that brings you the highest bonuses!

1 Camp style: In addition, you will receive the camp style survivalist. Talk to Mr. Cripps in the warehouse and hold down the triangle / Y button to select it from the Wilderness Outfitters shop. You will find it under "style" at the bottom of the list.

In addition to the above, all PS4 players will also get a special version of the double-action revolver with numerous accessories.