Tips for Growing Sugarcane in Farming Simulator 19

In Farming Simulator 19 (FS19), growing sugarcane takes much longer compare to other crops. Besides, you need a special vehicle to cultivate them. Therefore, it is advisable to grow other plants before you start growing sugarcane.

To cultivate sugarcane you need a billet planter and fill it with sugarcane. You have the following options:

- Use cane straws from the previous crops: You can load them into the billet planter with any tipper or you can do this with a wheel or telescopic loader with a shovel.

- Sugarcane variety: Buy a variety of sugarcane from the merchant and fill the machine with them.

As we mentioned earlier sugarcane takes time to grow. In addition, they grow again after they have been harvested.

Harvest Sugarcane in FS 19

Sugarcane Harvesting Machine, FS 19, CASE IH AUSTOF 8800 MULTI-ROW

For this you need a harvesting machine. It will cut the cane into compact pieces and also removes the upper leaves.

Farming Simulator 19: Increase Crop Yields, Improve Harvest

Since the machine does not have its own tank, you must accompany with tractor and attached dump truck to catch the cane directly. It is best to use a tipper with a high tipping height, such as the TT Colossus 10,000. So you can then unload the crop directly into a truck trailer like the Wilson Trailer Pacesetter for transport.

Note that you cannot store sugarcane in silos! Instead, you can dump it anywhere on the floor and put it in storage. To get best price for your crop you can sell them directly to sugar mills.

Since sugarcane grows back, you don’t have to worry about the post-harvest soil care. However, if you play with the Periodic Plow modifier, you should loosen the ground after every third harvest with any plow. If your soil is loosened, then you can put back the sugarcane cuttings.