Fallout 76: Things to Do After Completing Main Story

After you have completed the main story in Fallout 76 and reached level 50, you may wonder, what should I do now? In this guide, we’ll show you what other players do when they beat Fallout 76.

Here is a list of things to do after completing Fallout 76

These tips will help you level your character faster

- Upgrade / Improve your Weapons / equipment

Many endgame players are looking for a weapon that best suits their style of play and to build it up as much as possible.

To do this, you have to go through the world after completing all the quests and look for events or points where you can get recipes or rare items from opponents.

Most higher level players use their game hours to farm new weapons and crafting recipes and upgrade their equipment. If you prefer to play in a team, you will definitely always find players for a team.

- Detonate Nuclear Bombs

In Appalachia there are currently three silos for nuclear bombs. These can be used by players to launch nuclear missiles anywhere on the map. For this you need a code, a nuclear launch keycard and a cipher for deciphering.

Fallout 76, Things to Do, After Main Story

If a nuclear bomb hits, the impact zone is contaminated for a while. With proper equipment with a lot of RAD resistance you can pick up the best loot.

- Explore Post-Apocalyptic Area (Appalachia)

In Appalachia, you’ll find many caves, ruined cities and secret hiding places not discovered by the main quest.

Many players take their time during leveling to explore Appalachia. But those who only took care of the main quest can still see a lot.

But there are also many places in Appalachia to which no quest or event leads. These are mostly remote places that are difficult to reach and provide explorers with quaint scenes or additional information.

If you want to know more about West Virginia or just look for something to smile about, you should take a closer look.

- Get Second Characters

Since you cannot easily change your skill in Fallout 76, some people are playing more characters to try new builds with new S.P.E.C.I.A.L and perks.

Players also use alternative characters to get easier bottle caps from vendors, to have more storage space or to farm certain recipes. The blueprint for the handmade rifle is only available for level 15-44 players.

- Build Your Own Base / Camp

Fallout 76 offers the opportunity to build your own bases and make them whatever you want. You can pack your camp at any time and re-position it elsewhere to build your home in new places.

Some players like to work on their own home and make it their real virtual home. They always collect additional blueprints for building items and materials.

The only limit is the construction limit, which sets you the CAMP. This can be raised by building with several people or at workshops, which you probably lose when logging out.

There are also stories of some players who have turned their CAMPs into starting points for newcomers or real restaurants where they can interact with other players. So you can also build a player hub or a meeting place.