Fortnite: Boogie Bomb and Present Locations Map

The day 7 of the 14 days of Fortnite Battle Royal has just started and one of the tasks requires you to locate and use seven boogie bombs or presents.

The boogie bomb is a rare item that you can throw and that forces players to dance, who is inside the blast area.

But it is not necessary to hit anyone with this item to advance in the current challenges.

The boogie bomb drops from chests, supply loads, supply llamas and you can easily pick them up from the ground with little chance.

The best way to get to the boogie bomb is probably to loot chests. Here is a map showing all the chests in Fortnite.

Fortnite, Boogie Bomb, Present Locations Map, Guide
Source:  Reddit

The presents are also consumable items that you can use to throw them. Then an instant box goes up like a pocket fortress.

Merry Munchkin, Gingerbread Man

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After completion of day 7 challenges, you’ll be able to unlock a new reward called Merry Munchkin (Gingerbread Man).