Anthem: Demo vs Main Game, Full Version Differences

The Demo of Anthem will be released on all platforms later this week, and the trial version will give you the chance to get a taste of this game.

The full game has more content than the demo. The differences between Demo and the Main Game refer to more than just the available content. There will also be deviations in the balance.

The trial version differs according to the creators

- The trial version has no tutorials
- The game begins somewhere in the middle
- Your character, pilot, is not homemade
- The balance will be very different
- The economy will not be the same
- Bug fixes will continue until the release
- There is only one story to play
- The balance between missions, Stronghold and Freeplay will be different
- The PC control is a little bit more basic than the full release
- For the main game, some things have been renamed for clarity

In the trial version, you get a chance to farm XP and money lot faster. This means that you are progressing faster and can unlock everything faster. You don’t take the progress of the trail into play. However, you can take the progress of the VIP demo into the open demo.

Anthem, VIP Demo, Main Game, Full Version Differences

At the beginning of the demo you’ll get 100 coins to quickly buy cosmetics for the Javelin. The customization options of the Javelins are quite diverse.

The demo comes with all four javelin classes (Ranger, Interceptor, Storm and Colossus) but can only pick two of them.

The Anthem demo is available for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.