Anthem: You Need PS Plus and Xbox Gold to Play the Demo

The VIP demo version of Anthem will commence later this month. Since Anthem is an online multipalyer game, the owners of PS and Xbox should have PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold memberships to play the game.

In Anthem, you can go on missions together with up-to four friends, run raids or explore the world in freeplay. Since these are not different game modes, PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold are needed in any case.

There is a matchmaking system for all group functions in Anthem that you can use to arrange your group as you wish. Matchmaking is also available in the upcoming demo.

There are two demos for the game before the final version is released. In January 25, a VIP demo will start. You only have access to this version if you have pre-ordered Anthem. The VIP demo can be compared to a "closed beta".

On the 1st of February there will be an open demo, where everyone can participate. To reserve Anthem is not necessary for this demo. That would be comparable to an "open beta".

Anthem,  VIP Demo Guide

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The demo version of Anthem will be different from the release version of the game. The demo of Anthem will be "easier" by collecting experience and money faster. This should allow you to see and test as much as possible before Anthem celebrates its launch.