Anthem: How do you earn Currency without Loot Boxes

After the dispute over the Lootboxes in SW Battlefront 2, players wonder if Anthem will bring this system.

The lead producer Michael Gamble from BioWare recently stated through Twitter that Anthem will not have any loot boxes. He mentioned that lootbox in the game "would not make sense". Instead of this system one will offer optional cosmetic micro transactions.

According to BioWare, players should not have to spend any extra money on the games after the purchase.

- Anthem should not get any Lootboxes
- There is no season pass
- The story DLCs should be free

In another Twitter post, Gamble said players should buy Anthem and then stop worrying about things like a season pass.

Paid DLCs or season passes are actually typical of the Games as a service. Besides, there should be no way for pay-to-win, so the possibility to make more powerful through money.

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Without micro-transactions, Anthem should not get along. However, they should only be of a cosmetic nature and be earned in the game. The players would then have to pay only if they want to get to the cosmetics faster.