Atlas: Build Your Own Ship, Skill, Cost and Material Guide

In Atlas, you can build your own ship but need to have the right skill and the skill system in this game is a little more complex. In Atlas, you have to spend some skill points in different skill trees.

In Survivalism skill Tree, you must prepare to spend the following points:

The Basics: 1 point, Trade Tools: 1 point, Construction unlock: 2 points and Advanced Tools: 8 points.

In the Construction tree unlock Construction, you'll need the following points:

Basics of Building: 1 point, Weaving: 2 points, Secrets of Building: 2 points and Seamanship Unlock: 2 points.

Once you have unlocked the seamanship skill tree, you can learn everything the sailor's needs. However, you need following:

Basics of Sailing: 1 point and Shipwright: 1 point

Once you've completed all the above requirements and get access to all the needed objects and buildings. Then you can start building your ship at level 11 but remember you should have at least 21 points left in your hand.

The Basics: Build a Smithy and a Loom first. At the Smithy, you process 240 Fiber, 105 Stone, 420 Thatch, and 840 Wood into a Small Shipyard. You place the shipyard in the sea. However, make sure that that there is enough space in the shipyard, otherwise a ship can break when leaving.

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You can use the Shipyard itself like a workbench. At the beginning you will be able to build a sloop, the smallest ship next to the raft and the dinghy. Build the ship's backbone with 1,390 Fiber, 70 Hide, 12 Metal, 1,198 Thatch, and 1,460 Wood at the Shipyard. You must now place the necessary objects on the frame to make the ship seaworthy.

These include 12 planks, a deck, the steering wheel and two small or one medium sails. All items can be made on the Smithy and Loom. For the entire sloop you need:

800 fiber, 1060 Wood, 843 Thatch, 60 Hide and Up to 28 Metal.

When constructing the base ship, you have no possibility to make changes except for the type of sails. But if the ship is equipped with all necessary objects, you can let your imagination run free. Each ship can be further optimized with the normal components from the base construction. Although this doesn’t change the values, it contributes to the individuality of each ship.