Avoid Mr. X Safe Places, Escape Guide: Resident Evil 2

Mr. X is one of the toughest enemies that you’ll encounter in Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2R). You’ll encounter him in the 1st play (A Story) after you clear the crashed helicopter or in the interrogation room. In the 2nd play (B Story) he appears during the medallion puzzle.

You can not kill this tyrant inside the police station but you can escape from him. He doesn’t follow you everywhere you go so you can use these safe places to hide. If he follows you then you must escape through rooms to avoid him. If you play Assisted Mode, his movements become slower, which makes you escape easily.

How to survive, avoid or escape from Mr. X?

- When he is nearby you can hear his footsteps, you can locate him through walls and know roughly how far away he is. If you don’t hear any footsteps, then you are safe and can explore the area.
- You can easily avoid him in large open spaces such as the lobby. At aisle you should not meet him at best. You can damage him by shots until he goes to his knees. Then you have about 30 seconds to get away.
- Shoot the hat off of his head, this unlocks Hats Off trophy.
- If zombies are in his path, he will beat them aside. Whether this causes damage is unclear.
- If Mr. X touches your head, you can fend him out, armed with a side weapon, in a quick time event.
- Sometimes, he starts a jump attack. This is a great way to get away from him.
- If you have gone to a safe place, Mr. X will immediately turn back. Then open the door slightly and look out to find out where he is going. So you can make out his patrol path and move in the opposite direction.
- Be careful not to run with Mr. X in tow in an area with a licker. As you are being victimized, you have to walk and make sounds that the licker can hear you with. Avoid areas like the hallway in front of the S.T.A.R.S. office or the long corridor outside the file room if Mr. X is following you.

Mr. X, Resident Evil 2 Remake, RE2R

Safe and hiding places that Mr. X does not follow you:

- Guard Room (1F) including the continuity of the hallway and the break room.
- Interrogation and Observation room (1F) on the east side of the police station.
- Darkroom (1F) on the west side of the police station.
- S.T.A.R.S. office (2F) on the west side of the police station.
- Leon only: boiler room (1F) on the east side of the police station.
- Claire only: Head Office (2F) on the east side of the police station.
- Clock tower (3F) and the aisle with dead end west of it.