Power Panel Parts Claire Leon Guide: Resident Evil 2 Remake

This task in Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2R) requires you to escape from the police station through underground car park. For this you need a keycard and require to restore power to the panel. In both Leon and Claire's scenarios you need to find two control panel parts to restore power.

Find Power Panel Parts in Claire's Story

In Claire's scenario you have to get a diamond key from the morgue to open the control room.

Use it to move the lever to get access to the executive office (2F) of police chief Irons via the elevator. Go through the south door through the hall to the private collection room , where a panel board keeps Claire from accessing the key card. At the end of the room, take the book using the heart key and then leave the office.

Take the stairs to the storage room east and take the big cog from the middle of the room. Thanks to the heart key, Claire can also enter the room to the south of the storeroom, where she finds her first Power Panel part in an orange cardboard box.

Power Panel Parts, Claire, RE2R

The second Power Panel part Claire as well as Leon get through the clock tower puzzle. So, get the tool from the briefing room, put it in the library and then set the gears in the clock tower to get both panel parts with Claire and get the key card after you've solved the minigame.

Power Panel, Claire, Resident Evil 2 Remake

Find Power Panel Parts in Leon's Story

In Leon's story, you need to find the power panel parts to get access to jail cell.

On the right next to the power panel you grab the crank first and then leave the cell wing back into the car park. Now go through the door in the east and take in the corridor directly to the right turn. Follow the aisle around the corner and go through the door into the kennel.

Here you can kill the dog with your pistol, so they will not surprise you later. Then leave the kennel through the other door and follow the passage around the corner to the roll-up gate. However, you should also visit the morgue on the way, as you will find the diamond key on one of the bins there.

The roller shutter in the corridor can be pulled up thanks to the crank and thus enter the transformer room through the door on the other side. Directly in front of you, you will see an orange cardboard box, which, after closer examination in the inventory, brings out the first electrical part.

Switch on the power in the transformer room again. The police station door is now passable. There you also have to go to find the second Power Panel part. Once back in the police station, you first grab the fuse from the break room (1F). With this you can open the door to the guard room.

Head over the fire escape to the first floor and use the crank at the end of the corridor north of the art space to open the roller shutter door. Then go up the stairs (3F) and through the western door into the storeroom east. In the middle of the room you will find the big gear, which takes away two places in the inventory.

Go back and go through the south door to the balcony. Climb down the ladder, which will be destroyed. Go away from the burning helicopter wreck to the left down the stairs, where you can enter the boiler room at the end. Here you can get the club key.

Don’t forget to change the water direction outside the boiler room on the wall device on your way back. Then clear the fire by the helicopter and go back through the door to the police station.

Thanks to the club key, you can now enter the file room in the southwest of 1F. Here you will find a tool on the table, with which you can operate the jack in the library. Then move the bookshelves so that you can form a passageway to the door above. This leads you to the entrance hallway. At the very end, you can enter the clock tower through the door on the right. Use the large gear on the right side of the appliance to lower a staircase. Then take the gear back.

Now go up the stairs and take the small gear at the clockwork. The big gear you have to put in its place. The small gear in turn sets the mechanism. Thus you bring the tower bell to ring again, which gives another orange box with the second electronic part.

Gear Parts, Leon, Resident Evil 2, Remake

With both power panel parts you now go back to the panel in the cells and can use them. In a mini-game, all you have to do is connect the red and blue wires to the starting point to open the cell. The puzzle is always random based and can always have a different solution for you. Once the cell opens you can get the key card and continue your odyssey.