Cancel PlayStation Plus Online Subscription

If you've exhausted the PS Plus online multiplayer games or want to take a break then you should cancel your subscription. You need to do that at least 24 hours before your renewal date to avoid being charged.

How to cancel the PlayStation Plus subscription on the PC:

- Sign in to your SEN account online,
- Go to the "Media" section and select "All Media".
- Select from the "PlayStation Plus" list.
- In addition to the PS Plus subscription, you can also cancel the "Music Unlimited" subscription at this point. Click on "Music".
- Now select the appropriate subscription and select "Auto Renew Off".
- At this point you can also turn on the automatic renewal of the subscription, in case you change your mind again before the end of the subscription period.

PlayStation Plus, Online Subscription, Cancel Membership

Here's how to unsubscribe the PS4 PlayStation Plus membership:

- Log in to your user account and press the arrow key upwards.
- From the Settings select "Account Management".
- Open the "Account Information".
- Go to the "PlayStation Subscriptions".
- Here you can select the current PS Plus subscription.
- Click on "X" to switch off "Auto-extension".

Cancel PS3 and PSVita memberships

On PS3 you can access the "Services List" via "PSN" - "Account Management" - "Account Management" - "Transaction Management". Also on PSVita you can cancel your PSPlus subscription. Open the PlayStation Store, select the option, and select the appropriate subscription from the services list. In the unlikely event that you cannot use any of the above ways, you can sign up for your PlayStation Plus subscription directly through PlayStation support via email or phone.