PlayStation 4 Restore or Delete Corrupted Data

You simply insert your game disc and try to start an existing game but the PlayStation 4 (PS4) may shows you Corrupt Data error message, and then the game won’t load or run. What happens to your saved game progress? And how can you delete or restore your corrupted data. In this PS4 troubleshooting guide, we’ll show you all the possible fixes for these problems.

1. First, try to restart your console. This simple solution is often helps to fix this issue. So before you try anything else, just restart your PS4 and see. If that does not help, then turn off PS4 again and unplug the device. Wait a few minutes and plug it in again.

2. Check your game disc to see any scratches, if you have found any. Then these cannot be removed easily. Nevertheless, clean your disc and try.

3. Restore your corrupted data - for this method you have to put the PS4 in safe mode. Since a lot can happen here, we recommend you to Save / Export / Backup your PS4 game progress / data. You also have to reinstall the game. This is how you start your PS4 in Safe mode:

- Turn off the console. Press the power button on the front of the device.

- Now press and hold the power button again. You will now hear a beep when you turn on the device.

PlayStation 4, Restore, Delete Corrupted Data
- Keep your finger on the button! About 7 seconds later comes the second beep. Now you can release the finger from the button.

- Take a PS4 controller and connect it to the console.

- Then select the PS button on the controller.

- Now the safety mode starts. Select item 5 Rebuild Database.

- You'll probably have to reinstall the game.

If that did not fix the problem, then you have to repeat the steps, but this time you should not select item 5, but 6 or 7. However, initialization means a complete reset of the console. Use this option only in an emergency!

If this not help you, then you should contact the Sony support.