PlayStation VR Fix common problems and errors

The PlayStation VR is now available for purchase in stores, but requires a lot of calibration and connection of cables with the TV and PS 4 before the start. There are still errors and problems. In our troubleshooting guide, we will give you some solutions to the most common sources of error and explain what you can do if your PS VR does not work.

Plugged everything correctly but PS VR still does not work

You plugged everything correctly and connected your PlayStation 4 and TV successfully with the PlayStation VR. If PS VR still does not start, make sure that you press the power button on the inline remote control. This independent switch must be activated at startup.

Calibrate in the PS4 menu

The PSVR allows an initial calibration "out of the box", much more comprehensive and precise. However, if you calibrate the headset via the PS4 settings under devices then you have to hold the PSVR close to you (do not wear it), so the PS4 camera will recognize all the lights from all sides. However, more important is the detection of your eyes: by setting your eyebrow and center, you improve the calibration. These settings help to make virtual worlds more spatial.

However, even if the calibration was flawless, tracking problems may occur. These are expressed as follows.

Tracking problems

If you are experiencing one of the following three events, although you are not moving and are not entering the controller, there is a tracking error.

- Virtual hands or the virtual controller move or float around
- The screen environment moves
- Text insertion "Outside of Area"

The reasons for one of these problems are manifold and not always easy to detect. However, to correct tracking errors, you can try the following.

Sony itself admits that light is one of the main causes of tracking problems with the PSVR. Finally, the PS4 camera can recognize the blue glowing bars on PS4 and move controllers as well as the headset with difficulty, if you have a bright lamp next to you.

It is best to switch off all strong light sources in the immediate vicinity. You should also avoid reflections. A lamp that is reflected in the TV screen is also a disturbing factor.

Tip: Under Settings - Devices - PlayStation Camera you can change the position so that no light source interferes.

Sony also points out that a small adjustment error could be the fault of the tracking problems.

Also, make sure that:

- All cables are connected correctly

- The lights on the headset as well as on the controllers are lit. (In the cinematic mode, only the rear lights on the PSVR light up, in the VR mode, the lights on the side should also turn blue)

- You are within the recognition radius of the PSVR (if necessary hold the power button of the controller and calibrate the position)

However, if the error is in the camera, you can try the following solutions:

- Connect all cables correctly
- Make sure that both lenses of the PS4 camera are not dirty or obscured
- Position you possibly closer to the camera - optimal according to Sony are two meters

If that does not work, then there are still a few solutions that you can try.

This may sound trite, but your controllers should also be fully charged to work properly with PSVR. The following factors also play a role:

- All controllers should be connected to the same PS4 account
- Interfering Bluetooth signals in the environment should be turned off
- If necessary, reset the controller with the reset button (back) and recalibrate it

In the worst case, of course, the Sony support will help you.

Other Problems and Fixes

PlayStation VR does not recognize the PS4 controller

If PS VR does not recognize your PS4 dualshock controller during calibration, check the USB cable. This may block the light beam on the controller and cause this error. Disconnect your USB cable from the controller and ensure that the light beam is not obscured.

What is the USB error message?

If you put your PS VR headset on and there is a white icon with "USB", you are affected by an error message. Check the USB connection between the processor unit of the PS VR and your PlayStation 4. The error can only be caused by a faulty.

The 3D sound does not work

You must connect your headset or the supplied stereo headphones directly to the in-line remote control on the PS VR headset. You can enjoy 3D sound only in this way. There are no other possibilities at present.

PlayStation VR - Error Codes: Importance and Solutions

Owner of a PS4 know it too well. The following overview gives you information on the known error codes and suggests you solutions to these problems.


If you encounter one of these error codes when updating the VR device software, then to correct these errors, you should check if the connection between the PS and VR of the first PlayStation 4 is seated properly and is stable. Then try again the update. It is also possible that the system software of the console is out of date. So to update system follow these steps:

- Go to Settings and click there on system software update.
- Your console will check the system software update.
- Click on Next, if there is an update.
- When the update is finished, go to another setting.
- Selects devices and then PlayStation and PlayStation VR-VR device software.

This guide is under construction and will be updated with solutions to other problems and errors in the future.

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