Overwatch won't start, crashes or freezes during gameplay

Some players of the multiplayer shooter complain about some issues and bugs that occur in Overwatch. It can be very frustrating when the game crashes or freezes during gameplay. Here, we want to give you some helpful tips to solve some of these issues.

Overwatch does not start or crashes: General Tips

The Game Does Not Start: the problem is usually in the graphics card and its driver. Outdated GPU driver causes many errors and is often the reason for crashes. Therefore we advise you to update your graphics card driver.

Constantly Crashes: you should take a look at the Overwatch system requirements. Your PC must meet or exceed the minimum system requirements in order to run the game smoothly on your PC. Your operating system should be at least Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10. Only 64-bit versions of Windows mentioned in the official requirements.

Pay attention to the fact that you have installed the latest service pack (SP) for Windows. On the official Windows site you can find and download the service pack, and also see which SP is the latest for your version. The official system requirements of Overwatch can be found in our guide: Overwatch: guide to install and play, server launch time.

Overwatch Crashes (with Black Screen)

If Overwatch keeps crashing your system even after the above steps, then you probably have to wait for a patch or hotfix.

Overwatch won't start

You click in the Battle.net app to play, but nothing happens, you should switch off your anti-virus program and try again. Overwatch can start now, you have to add Overwatch to the whitelist of your anti-virus program.

"No compatible graphics card found"

In this case, it has probably a graphics card that does not meet the minimum requirements. If that’s so, then you should probably update your graphics card driver. Do you use a laptop, you have a built-in switch to a dedicated graphics card. Integrated GPUs usually cause the problem.

The controller is not detected

The problem here is usually in the .dll files. Search in the game files to locate x36ce_x64.dll. Copy it to another location on your computer and rename the original file to the game folder in xinput9_1_0.dll. If you can’t find such a file, then you can also download from the Internet the Xinput file. But pays particular attention to malicious sites, where you can catch viruses or worse.

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