Find All Named Aircraft: Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

In Ace Combat 7 (AC7) Skies Unknown, you can find named Aircraft only if you play the campaign mission. If you get closer to these Aircraft, you’ll notice the special skin. You can unlock the new skin by shooting down all the Named Aircraft. This will also bring you the Bird Of Prey achievement.

List of all available Named Aircraft and Conditions for their Appearance:

MiG-21 Pyro 

Mission 01: Charge Assault - Shoot the third wave of enemies with multi-target missiles (4AAM, 6AAM or 8AAM). "Pyro" appears northwest of the map along with the fourth wave.

MiG-29 Jester
Mission 02: Charge the Enemy - Destroy all RADAR VEHICLE and then the control tower (TGT) before the drones spawn. Jester will appear on a tarmac near the base after UAV are launched.

F-16C Bayonet
Mission 03: Two-pronged strategy - Destroy all enemies in the first part of the mission in under 90 seconds (the timer must stop at 18:30 or higher). "Bayonet" appears in the northwest of the map.

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F-15J Ronin
Mission 04: Rescue - Fly below 200 meters (about 650 feet) until the radio silence is released and you reach the space lift. Ronin appears northeast of the map after the first cutscene ends.

Mission 05: 444 - Survive with at least 75% damage while your weapons are disabled. After you get the first three bombers, "Fang" will appear in the middle of the map.

F-14D Kitten
Mission 06: Long Day - Fly through the tunnel you find at the western base. "Kitten" will then appear in the southwest.

Typhoon Faucon
Mission 07: First Contact - Destroy all units in the first part of the mission that are not marked as a target (TGT). "Faucon" will appear in the north.

F-15E Gazelle
Mission 08: Pipeline Destruction - Destroy all oil facilities before time runs out. Gazelle will then appear in the north along with the drones.

F / A-18F Spider
Mission 09: Faceless Soldier - Before you destroy the RADAR TOWER, you must destroy at least half of all units that are not marked as a target (TGT). Spider then appears in the East.

Gripen E Louveteau
Mission 10: Transfer Orders - Destroy all SAMs as fast as possible. "Louveteau" will then appear in the East along with three more Mirage 2000-5.

SU-33 Ibis
Mission 11: Fleet Destruction - Fly through the buildings on the northern platforms where the cores (CORE) are hidden. "Ibis" will then spawn near the Western Fleet.

Rafale M Chasseur
Mission 11: Fleet Destruction - Destroy all the hunters on the northern platform before they take off. The bombers do not count. "Chasseur" will appear in the west.

SU-34 Walrus
Mission 12: Stonehenge Defensive - Stonehenge must not suffer any damage. "Walrus" will spawn in the northeast along with a few helicopters.

Mirage 2000-5 Foudre
Mission 12: Stonehenge Defensive - Fly under any Stonehenge railgun. Foudre will then appear in the south.

A-10C Buffle
Mission 12: Stonehenge Defensive - Destroy all three A-10C jets coming from the East. Buffle will then appear southwest of Stonehenge.

MiG-31 Comet
Mission 13: Bunker Buster - Destroy the missile silos as fast as possible for Comet to appear.

SU-47 Gadfly
Mission 14: Cape Rainy Assault - Fly through the mountains as fast as possible. Gadfly will pop up along with some SU-35S in the north.

SU-37 Serpent
Mission 15: Battle for Coloranti - Collect 17,000 points or more in the first part of the mission. "Serpent" appears southwest of a fortification unit that appears in the southeast.

F-2A Bogen
Mission 15: Battle for Coloranti - Destroy AEGIS ASHORE on the ground and near the main base that appears at the end of the first phase of the mission. Bogen will appear to the south and fly in the same direction towards the level boundary.

SU-35S Axeman
Mission 16: Last Hope - Collect 10,000 or more points to make Axeman appear in the southeastern part of the city. The SU-35S will be marked UNKNOWN until you approach it.

F-35C Mantis
Mission 17: Homeward - In the first part of the mission, you see a kilometer-long rail that protrudes into the sea. Fly longitudinally and low over the entire track so that "Mantis" spawns with the bombers and other hunters in the east. The F-35C will be marked UNKNOWN until you reach it.

YF-23 Lynx
Mission 18: Lost Kingdom - Destroy all units and reach Shilage Castle in less than two minutes and 30 seconds. "Lynx" spawns north of the castle and around the time the F-16 takes off.

SU-57 Calamity
Mission 19: Lighthouse - Get 20,000 points or more in the first part of the mission. "Calamity" will appear in the southeast of the space lift and may be outside the map. In addition, the SU-57 is not shown on the map because it is a stealth plane. Only long-range missiles help here.

F-22A Tempest
Mission 19: Lighthouse - Earn 20,000 points or more in the first part of the mission. "Tempest" will appear in the southwest of the space lift.