S Rank Requirements and Tips: Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

The S Rank in Ace Combat 7 (AC7) Skies Unknown is the highest position that you can get in any mission (Hard or Normal) of the game.

AC7 Skies Unknown S Rank requirements

First, you need to unlock the F-22A Raptor aircraft. This is the best aircraft to get to the Top Rank. (Tips: complete your mission and unlock all upgrades that improve the effectiveness of rockets and special weapons. Improve jet acceleration and deceleration will also help you greatly in air battles and ground targets.

Complete your mission’s tasks as quickly as possible without being damaged. Even if you take a few damages, you still have the chance of getting top rank. Of course , in missions where you have to reach a fixed point limit, the highest possible score counts. Even if you reach the limit and complete the mission, you should continue to destroy targets with tempo.

S Rank Requirements, Ace Combat 7, AC7 Skies Unknown

Note: when you need to earn points, you can always load the last checkpoint to refill your missiles and special weapons.

On the highest difficulty level you’ll encounter many rockets. Here, you can use the clouds to disturb enemy targeting. The radar gives you an indication of when an enemy missile will strike and when is the best time for a maneuver.