Find and Use Sneaky Snowman Item Effectively: Fortnite

Fortnite update 7.20 brings some changes and new items to Battle Royal. The Sneaky Snowman's item or costume comes again.

This Sneaky Snowman Item allows you to camouflage yourself as a snowman or place real snowmen on the ground and surprise enemies.

Here’s how to find and use sneaky snowman item:

- Use the primary fire to launch a projectile to create a destructible snowman.

- You can press right click to wear the snowman item.

- This camouflage item has 100 condition points and works like a shield snowman as 100 HP and acts as a shield when worn by a player.

Sneaky Snowman Item, Fortnite, Ability

- The snowman is destroyed when his HP falls to zero or when the player who carries it changes object or enters construction mode. This means that a player wearing this item cannot build or use another object. All other types of movement are possible.

Fortnite day four Ice Storm Challenge requires you to Find and Destroy Ten Ice Shards

- Available in common variant.

- This item can be found in chests, supply Llamas and from floor loot

- Appears in stacks of 5.

- The maximum size of 10.