Fortnite Mobile Supports Bluetooth Compatible Controllers

With the latest update 7.30 you can now use the Bluetooth enabled controllers to play Fortnite on your phone. Players who use the phone now have an alternative to the touch screen. It is now possible to use a Bluetooth support joystick to play Fortnite mobile.

This will change a lot of things for a part of the community that suffers from a relatively unsuited platform to this game, the touch screen being quite incompatible with the construction system.

In case you were wondering which joystick to play, know that the joysticks of the current console generation are all Bluetooth compatible. So you can use a joystick PS4 or Xbox One without problems.

A difference in level may very quickly be felt between mobile players who play the controller and those who still use the touch screen. We now wonder if Epic has planned to isolate between them using a bluetooth controller, this solution had already been used to play between console players who use a keyboard and a mouse.

Fortnite Mobile, Supports Bluetooth Controllers

Complete Patch 7.30 Note:

Weapons and object

Reduced chances of dual gun appearance in ground loot from 2.24% to 1.38%.

Visual update of the campfire

The visual effects of campfires have been updated to better indicate whether they are in use or consumed.

Stored items

- Shotgun sniper rifle
- Shotgun assault rifle
- Heavy Shotgun
- Submachine Gun

Reintroduced objects

Silent submachine gun. (Typical, atypical and rare).


- Memory and network enhancements for apples and mushrooms.
- Adding messages for eliminations or KOs. with vehicles.
- Structure Change Timeout: Reactivation of client-side change enhancements.
- They were disabled in 7.20 because of bugs.
- Fixed boogie-woogie bombs not affecting stealthy male players if thrown on exposed legs or feet.
- Fixed stealthman's last load issue if another man is present in another inventory slot.
- Fixed glider auto deployment issue too close to the ground by dropping from the bus with the redeploy object.
- Fixed absence of X-4 Aquilon PV bar.
- Fixed an issue that was blocking players in a stealthy man.
- Increased the number of materials recovered in chests and booty on the ground from 20 to 30.
- Increased the number of materials recovered in the refueling from 40 to 60.


- Addition of a new tournament: Ephemeral Cup - Architect (solo, duet, section)
- The parameters of the previous ephemeral cuts still apply here.
- In this mode, the structures can be modified by all players, regardless of their side. We do not know what the concrete impact of this experience - will be. We would like to know your impressions.
- Participating in tournaments now requires a level 10 account.


- The guided missile was removed from Playground.
- Removed refueling spicy stage.This will eliminate the possibility of finding the spicy stage as well as the repulsive grenades.
We did this because of a problem that sent players back into the living room.

Adding a grenade wick sound effect.


- The total of team eliminations is displayed if your team wins.
- Adding additional templates to the Change Template option by examining coatings in the Battle Pass or Shop.
- Team colors are again blue, red, purple and yellow to distinguish players in modes like Battle Greedy. Added new icons for out-of-section teammates and opponents on the minimap.
- Removed the anomaly on the minimap by turning the camera in the combat bus.
- Fixed issue with debug info that showed too high latency.

Art and animation

- Celebrate the Super Bowl LIII with the outfits of the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots as a whole Touchdown. Wear the colors of your favorite team!
- Players who have already purchased the Touchdown package receive these variants free of charge.


- The parameter of the diffuser mode has been replaced by two separate parameters:

- Anonymous mode: Your name is replaced by "Anonymous" for all players out of section. Your account will remain identifiable in the reports sent with the Report a player function.
- Hide the names of other players : The names of other players are replaced by "Player", except in your section.
- None of these settings will be functional in a tournament game.


Added compatibility with mobile controllers:

- Android: Most Bluetooth controller adapters, including Steelseries Stratus XL, Gamevice, XBox1, Razer Raiju and Moto Gamepad.
- iOS: MFi controllers, including Steelseries Nimbus and Gamevice.
- The phone vibrations are disabled if a controller is connected.

Added 60 IPS option on some Android models.

We enable option 60 IPS on some Android devices (to activate in the settings). We worked with our partners for optimization. The option will initially only be offered on the following models:

- Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (US model)
- Huawei Honor View 20
- Huawei Mate 20 X

- Added sound visualization icons for vehicles and balloons.

Creative fashion

Piano keys and musical blocks

Create your own songs with these new additions for musicians.

Prefabricated Arctic base

Create your own glacial ground base with these new prefabricated ones.
He is

- Added an option to set edit permissions for each player on your island.


- New option to control the duration of reappearance. From 1 to 30 seconds.
- New end-of-game option. The first team to reach the number of eliminations indicated wins. From 1 to 10 or deactivated.
- Added option "Destination after last appearance". Once your lives are exhausted in a game, you can either become a spectator or move to another team (depending on the game settings).
- From Team 1 to 6 or Spectator.
- The statistics screen displayed after Creative mode games now offers buttons to restart the game or restore the island.
- Increased island loading speed after reset.
- The "Game Mode" option has been changed to "Goal of the Game" to be clarified.
- By joining a game in progress, players now switch to spectator mode until the end of the game.

Weapons and objects

- Sticky Pomegranate has been added to Creative mode, alongside Battle Royale mode.
- Removal of the guided missile.
- Correction of the wood resource according to the other materials on the screen of disposable objects.
- Fixed the bad rarity of six-shots in the weapons menu and games.
- Fixed balloons blocked in the air after being equipped.

Creative tools and phone

- Addition of a position indicator by holding prefabricated accessories copied in the air, in order to better predict the placement.


- Addition of six prefabricated arctic bases.
- Add arctic basic galleries.
- Added a gallery of piano keys.
- Added a gallery of musical blocks.
- Added a gallery of mood lights, containing eight colors for torches, glow sticks and projectors.
- Added a challenge gallery, containing elements that disappear when the player passes on it. Other functions will arrive soon.
- Added a gallery of safes and boxes of ammo. The appearance rates use the latest rates as of Battle Royale.
- Addition of a windmill at the gallery of the farm.
- Addition of an additional gallery of color village buildings.
- Added a challenge gallery, containing elements that disappear when the player passes on it. Other functions will arrive soon.
- Torches now produce light when shadows are turned off.


- Adding a starting Inventory device. Allows you to choose the starting inventory of the players during a game. Works like the object generator, except that the objects are not deposited on the ground but added to the inventory at the beginning of the game.
- Assign a team to the device to give the items only to a specific team.
- Added a barrier zone. This is an area that creates barriers that prevent players from crossing them.
- Added a speed modulator. Allows you to change the speed of a player or a vehicle.
- The options are: super slow, very slow, slow, normal, fast, very fast, super fast.
- You can set a duration in seconds (3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, 120).
- When an object generator has made all of its objects appear during a game, its visual effects are disabled to indicate that it is inactive.


- Optimizing performance using the phone.
- Correction of low image refresh rate and instability by placing plenty of castle prefabricated torches in a small area.

Bug fixes

- The balloons do not hit the vehicles anymore.
- Targeting Aid now targets enemies on the vehicle instead of the base of the vehicle.
- Alternating quickly between traps and weapons on the controller does not draw or shake the pick.
- Supply balls suffer environmental damage, including explosives and the biplane machine gun.
- Fixed cases where a free wall appears to be buildable but is not.
- Corrected the disturbed camera when another player shows on the zip line.
- Fixed an issue with the appearance of acceleration effects when using a vehicle near a zipline.
- Players can now progress properly in the Week 4 Challenge: using an X-4 Aquilon aircraft in multiple games.
- The screen does not shake uncontrollably after walking on icy surfaces.
- Players no longer lose the ability to turn with the X-4 Aquilon after hitting the field or structures.
- Fixed refresh rate drops when there is a big change in the orientation and number of characters displayed.
- Fixed emote music superimposed on the living room music according to the volume settings.
- Fixed the problem that did not equip the weapons by double-clicking in the inventory after inverting the slots.
- Correction of the absent display of the teammates' scores.
- Correction of the incorrect elimination count in the big teams mode.
- Correction of the sort order in the reporting interface.
- Corrected the blinking of the ranking interface.
- Fixed the Spectator button on the report menu that only selected the first player watched.
- Fixed the incorrect selection on the game mode selection screen after leaving a group.
- Fixed the display of the object pickup command after opening an ammo box.
- Fixed the preview duration of Pumpernickel emotes, I run, Liberating Dance and Hot Marat in the living room.
- Fixed weapon animations that play twice per shot in reruns.
- Fixed an issue where the camera / lens settings have incorrect initial values.
- Fixed an issue that was selecting another replay while attempting to launch an outdated replay.
- Fixed problems with players jumping on ziplines in reruns.
- Fixed missing radio cassette music in reruns.
- Invitation notifications in a group now appear on the game mode selection screen. By accepting, you join the group and the correct game mode.
- Fixed an issue that prevented matchmaking with an incompatible version error if a member joined and said they were ready, and matchmaking was started very quickly.
- Fixed an issue preventing players from creating different types of structures while holding the build command.
- Fixed the draw button that does not return to the previously selected weapon.
- Fixed simultaneous button presses that disable the fire button.
- Fixed padlock missing on the directional pad by locking the auto stroke.
- Fixed buttons with lower resolution.