Fortnite Unlock Loading Screen: Banner Location Week 8, S7

Week 8 Season 7 of the Snowfall challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale is here, and all the paid battle pass owners can now get a hidden banner. This time the developers replaced the secret battle star with a banner.

By completing all the current week challenges will unlock the loading screen that hides an indication of where you find the banner.

The loading screen of the eighth week of challenges shows the ice king at the top of his castle tower and on the wall, in the middle of the bottom of the screen, you can see a banner icon that reads: "A8 / B8 / A9 / B9".

Fortnite, Unlock Loading Screen, Week 8, Season 7, Ice King

The above coordinates lead you to the south of Forsty Flights. Just to the south of the big ice bridge, and stack on the intersection of the four boxes you will see a spot of different color on the ground, this is the location of the banner.
Fortnite, Banner Location Map, Week 8, Season 7