Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo: Locker Codes Walkthrough

You can play the demo version of Resident Evil 2 (RE 2) 1-Shot until January 31, and you have got 30 minutes to complete this game.

Main Hall and East Side of the Building

In the main hall of the police department, you’ll have the option to collect some ammunition and also a laptop to learn about your next destination - the East side of the building.

West of the front door, you’ll find a sign “Keep Out” near that there is a lever that you need to pull. This will open the gate partially, so you have to squeeze through the small gap.

There's nothing to find in the next corridor, so you can walk to the upturned cabinet that blocked your way. Go quickly into the room on the left and collect the ammunition that lies with the corpse and then return to the main corridor.

Then move the cabinet aside by holding down X / A. On the other side, the guard enters the room and tries to lift the gate to help the policeman.

Unfortunately, you cannot stop the policeman's death, but his notebook will still be useful to you. A little later, you’ll encounter your first zombie. It's best to get on your feet and walk past him as soon as he falls over.

Now return to the main hall. Here, you’ll encounter two zombies. Don’t spend too much time with them and try to walk around them again.

Lion Statue Medallion 2F

In a cutscene with Marvin you’ll learn about a secret path and get a combat knife. To open the secret passage, here you need three medallions, which you’ll find in the main hall.

The first medallion you can get directly. Go to the Lion Statue on the upper floor of the main hall and enter the symbols: Crown, Lion and Ram.

Lion Statue Medallion, 2F, Crown, Lion, Ram, Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo

Now, place Lion Medallion directly into the dungeon to avoid wasting your inventory space.

Weapons Locker Keycard

Go to the panel board on the west side, use your knife to cut the yellow tape wrapped on the box and then trigger the lever.

Resident Evil 2, 1 Shot Demo, Panel Board, Yellow Tape

Head to the reception room and collect the ammo and the green herb there. Then leave the room through the west door.

In the next corridor there are again no items to find. Just follow the hallway until you come to a window, which is knocked hard by a zombie. Complete the zombie and then walk through the wide red door into the meeting room.

There's a keycard on the table in front of you that you need. You will also find more ammo, a report of results and a map of the police station (1F). Climb on the wooden pallets and jump through the broken window.

Location of the Shotgun

There is a dead body with ammo use them against the zombie then turn left and enter the safety deposit room.

In the room you’ll find some lockers, to open them you must use the keypad and enter the right combination key. However, there are some missing keys you’ll find them in the full version of the game.

1F, Locker Combination Key, Resident Evil 2

With the available keys you can open the following lockers:

106 (Film)
109 (Handgun Ammo)

In the back of the room you can open the weapon locker with the key card to get a shotgun and ammunition.

Leave the room and to the west side office. Kill the zombie at the desk and search the room to find ammo (locker), gunpowder with a note and a report on the results. In the next room of the office another zombie guards a locker, which you can open with the following combination: 9, 15, 7.

As a reward, there is a bag that expands your inventory. Then go back into the corridor and follow the eastern path to the stairs. Next to the stairs are wooden boards and a green herb. You can use the boards to close the window to avoid zombies.

Then go through the blue door next to the stairs into the dark room. A note tells you how to mix herbs - a red cabbage, gunpowder and ammo are on top of it. You can also develop the film you found earlier.

Open the Lock 2F

Leave the dark room and go to the upper floor. Kill the zombie on the stairs and then walk into the locker room. Attention: A zombie is hiding in one of the lockers. Another locker is secured with a lock. The letter combination is: BIO. There is plenty of shotgun ammo in the locker for you.

Go back to the hall and collect the red cabbage to the right of the vending machine. Now you can walk back to the stairs and go to the next floor.

Open Lock in 3F Corridor

The combination for the lock is RES. In the locker you will find Magnum ammo. Then cross the hole and grab the key lying on the table.

Leave the room through the western door and cross the corridor to the end to find a note. Then you go to the storeroom (West) and search this thoroughly. Here you will find, among other things, another bag that expands your inventory by two places.

Unicorn Statue Medallion

Now enter the library through the eastern door. A little later, Marvin calls you back to the lobby. Go downstairs and take care the zombies that attack you.

You reach the lounge via the south door next to the stairs. Here you will find a map and a unicorn statue. Enter the following symbols to solve the puzzle: Bird - Woman - Harp

Resident Evil 2, Unicorn Statue Medallion, Combination Code, Bird, Woman, Harp

With this Medallion you can go back to the library and open the door in the east with the blue key. Here, you can go to Marvin and complete the demo.