Resident Evil 2 Hiding Place Film, Leon Claire Item Locations

As you progress through the Resident Evil 2 (RE2) remake, you’ll encounter several film rolls and one of them shows the locations of two pictures. Finding these pictures lead you to unlock the Treasure Hunter trophy, and some valuable items for Leon and Claire depending on the character you choose to play with.

This particular film roll (Hiding Place) you’ll find later in the game after you arrive in the sewer of Raccoon Police Station, in the upper workroom. Once you get it go to the dark room (lab) in the police station (1F). Develop the film and take a close look at the photos. They seem to refer to two desks.

Film Roll Location, Hiding Place, Raccoon Police Station

Photo Hideout # 1 - Location

One of the pictures shows a desk with a telephone, books and documents. The desk you are looking for is located in the S.T.A.R.S. office on 2F of the police station, more precisely in the corner office with the big STARS logo on the wall.

RE 2, Hiding Place, Film Roll Development, Hidden Treasure Pictures

Depending on whether you play with Claire or Leon, you'll find the following items:
Leon: Wooden box with the sight for the Lightning Hawk (Desert Eagle Magnum) and Claire: Wooden box with the extended magazine for the MQ 11 SMG.
Photo Hideout # 2 - Location

In the second picture you can see a table with a radio. There are also microphones here. This gives you a hint to the press room in the east of the police station (1F) . To the left of the press desk is the small table with the radio and the microphones and you can take the loot out of the drawer.

Again, the item differs, depending on who you play with:
Leon: 400x gas for the chemical flame thrower and Claire: 7x needle cartridges for the electric shock rifle.