Speed Up Grand Theft Auto 5 Installation - Guide

Some players find that Grand Theft Auto 5 takes considerable time to reinstall. In this guide you’ll find some useful tips to speed up the GTA 5 installation process.

Install GTA 5 From a Disk

For many players, the installation of GTA 5 is very slow. If you want to speed up the installation process, you should pay attention in the menu of your console or for example on Steam on the PC that the latest update is not downloaded at the same time.

Especially, now that there have been some updates to the game, the download of the latest version could take a long time. If this happens at the same time as the installation of the actual game, you have to wait part of the time for hours.

Wait until the installation is 100% complete and then start the paused download of the update, which then automatically installs the next time you start.

In summary: Insert disk, start game, pause update, complete installation, continue update and then install. With this trick, the installation time of GTA 5 should take about 30 minutes.

Install digital version of GTA 5

Sometimes the installation could take considerable time if you start the game before it is completely downloaded.

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In this case, wait for the download and start GTA 5 afterwards. The installation time should then be in the usual framework. If that does not work, there is only one solution: delete GTA 5 and re-download and install.

General tips for faster downloads and installations

Not only GTA 5, but other games will also cause problems installing or downloading updates. Especially on the PS4 there are some tips that you can use to accelerate installations in general.

In general, when downloading updates, make sure that no games or apps like YouTube, Twitch or Netflix are running in the background. It's best to use the sleep mode of your PS4 so that the console can fully focus on the download and use all the resources for it.

To do this you only have to enter the energy-saving settings in the settings and adjust the functions available in sleep mode. This keeps your console connected to the Internet in sleep mode. For longer installations like GTA 5, you should disable the automatic power off of the console. This will prevent unnecessary installation errors if the PS4 automatically shuts off after two or four hours.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, them you should delete all the data of the game and reinstall it. Updates will be automatically added to the download list the next time you start.


  1. Recently got around to playing this at last. Its been a very long time since I played GTA IV. When you compare even just the graphics between GTA IV and V, it’s inane how good GTA 5 looks on the same console. V gets a lot of shit but it’s still amazing to me.


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